Mpow H19 Hybrid Headphones Review

We’re spending a lot of time analyzing wireless earbuds, and with reasons that are valid. They’re so useful. Because of their small size, they’re great for commuters or workouts. With the advancements made in battery technology, you’ll be able to utilize for hours at a time. With their increasing popularity, it’s not a surprise that companies are rolling out numerous models every year. It requires a lot of time and energy to keep up.

But earbuds do have their own limitations. In the first place, the tiny drivers simply can’t provide the huge high-end bass audiophiles are accustomed to. The drivers also don’t have the capacity to be able to handle active noise cancellation. There’s not enough space to accommodate that in such a tiny package. As long as you have batteries, big headphones will last many more years.

Today we’ll take a look at some authentic headphones. Particularly, we’ll review the Mpow H19 Hybrid Noise Cancelling Headphones. They provide superior sound quality, longer battery life, and also active noise cancellation. There are many headphones that have the ability to do this. We looked at the H19 headphones in more detail to find out how effective the H19 headphones actually are. We’ve gathered all the information we could about them.

Overall Design

The Mpow H19 headphones feature the most comfortable and comfortable headband that can be adjusted. Contrary to the majority of headphones, which are made of plastic the Mpow H19 headphones feature an earband made of stainless steel that’s much more durable. It’s a black matte anodized finishthat is identical to the black plastic earcups. The headband’s interior is cushioned to provide extra comfort. The padding on the inside is reinforced by stainless steel bands, while the outer portions of the headband swivel to the outside. The weight of the headphones is 10.4 pounds. This is quite a lot given the high-end quality of the construction this is quite acceptable.

The earcups are hinged and can pivot to almost any angle. If combined with the telescoping headband this allows for a precise fit to almost any head. The outer edges of the ear cups are decorated with the Silver Mpow logo. The ear cups are otherwise plain, though there’s an Micro USB charger located on the left side of the cup. The interiors of the earcups come with soft memory-protein ear pads. They’re extremely comfortable and offer a great seal that doesn’t dig in or rubbing against your face.

Mpow H19 Hybrid Headphones Review

There are three buttons in the side of the left earcup. The black plastic matches the material used in all the cups, which means they won’t ruin the shape. The top two buttons can be utilized to control the volume and also to skip tracks. One quick press can change the volume, and the press and hold button can skip ahead or in reverse. Power switch situated under the earcup, allowing quick, simple access using your thumb. The only thing you can do that is located on the right side of the ear cup can be used to activate the noise cancellation (ANC) switch. With just a click of your thumb, you’ll be able to effectively block out background sounds and keep your privacy.

The kit comes with an aux cable as well as the Micro USB charger cable as well as the portable travel pouch. It’s made of attractive PU leather and is extremely small. It’s not a problem. The H19 headphones fold into a tiny size and are easy to pack into a compact box. The travel pouch protects the finish of your headphones from scratches even when they’re not being used. It’s a breeze to pack whenever you’re required to carry your H19 headphones along on the road.

If you are looking for portability as your main concern then you may want to choose the smallest set of headphones. If that’s the scenario you should consider it is the Rock Space B2 Fancy is an excellent option. It’s a hybrid design with earbuds that are connected to a battery pack centrally. The audio quality isn’t as high like the H19 and H19, but they’re very similar in other ways. Also check Mpow h19 IPO Review.

Battery and Charging

We’ve discussed briefly the H19’s battery power But how reliable is it really? Much depends on whether you’re making use of it with the ANC feature. If you have ANC active, players will be able to enjoy around 20 hours of gaming time. When you switch ANC off, this can be extended to around 30 hours. These are, as always, approximates, and are taken from the tests of the manufacturer. These tests are typically conducted at low to medium volumes and most listeners are listening at higher volumes. In actual use, you could expect to last for about 17 hours of use with ANC and 25 hours with no. It’s at least three times more battery life you’ll get from earbuds of all kinds.

The charging process for of the H19 headphone is simple. Just plug in your Micro USB charging cable and you’ll be able to charge the battery to full within 2 hours. In the event of a crisis an hour-long charge can provide you with an average of two hours of playing time. There’s no need to count in batteries, if you don’t need to. The right earcup has an 3.5mm au port. If your battery is dead it is possible to use this 3.9-foot accessory cable and utilize the H19 just like wired headphones.


The pairing process for these headphones with your phone is simple. Simply turn the headphones on, then go to your device’s Bluetooth menu. Find the Mpow H19 and connect. With Bluetooth 5.0 technology when you’ve paired the first time the H19 will connect automatically with your phone. In other words, as long as you’re constantly using the identical device, you’ll never need to repeat the pairing process over again.

Bluetooth 5.0 is also a great option with a variety of benefits. They include a less power consumption, at least 0.6 times what you would get using Bluetooth 4.2. Also, you can receive twice the speed in addition to eight times the capacity for data. This lets you listen to high-bitrate music without sacrificing quality. Additionally the signal is more stable, which means you won’t lose connection because of interference. The latency is less than 60 milliseconds. This means that you can enjoy lag-free films and games, which means the H19 can be used for many uses.

If you’re looking for high-end headphones however you’re not too excited about the price of the H19 the Mpow H17 headphones are a great alternative. They’re great headphones however they have a sluggish Bluetooth 4.2 connection, and less efficient ANC.

Sound Quality

If you’re opting for over-the-ear headphones instead of earbuds, then you’re probably doing it for quality of the sound. If that’s the case you’ve got your wish answered. Mpow H19 headphones are a great choice. Mpow H19 headphones feature 40mm neodymium driversthat deliver powerful sound across the entire spectrum. Whatever type of music you enjoy they are guaranteed to provide the best sound.

The highs are clear and clear, and appear without interference, regardless of bass or middle frequencies. The mids are also crystal clear. Even when you’re listening to music that has a loud high-pitched bass, there’s not any interference or muddyness. Vocals can be heard clearly in every genre of music such as synthesizers and guitars.

But it’s the bass that’s the area where the real action is. Large drivers are incredibly powerfuland pack a lot of power at the bass side. If you’re a lover of heavy metal or dance music you’ll be able to hear drums and bass clearly. There’s not much difference between the H19 headphones and pair of high-quality speakers.

Mpow H19 Hybrid Headphones Sound Quality

Of course, even the finest audio quality is useless in the event that background noise keeps blocking the sound. In this regard, Mpow H19 headphones utilize an advanced type of ANC. The drivers offer noise cancellation in both forward and reverse motion. The feedforward and feedback method can block ambient noise two times as effectively as the majority of headphones. It’s especially effective at blocking low frequencies such as the sound of passing airplane engines or trucks. This is a great feature for frequent flyers.

The headphones also have an inbuilt microphone that allows to make calls using voice. Additionally, you can make your phone’s voice assistant available without having to use your hands. No matter if you’re a fan Apple or Android phones, you don’t require your hands to look up something. While on the phone, CVC 6.0 noise cancellation filter away background sounds. It’s not as efficient as the more recent CVC 8.0 protocols. But it does go far in keeping your conversations free of distractions.

With that stated, if you want quality sound in a studio, there’s not a substitute for a pair of wireless studio headphones. For instance, the V-MODA M-200 are one of these pairs. They offer higher performance than Mpow H19 but you’ll only have the 3.5mm connected wire.

Final Verdict

In all times, Mpow’s H19 headphone are an excellent purchase. They’re extremely comfortable. The headbands are adjustable, and the rotating earcups provide the perfect fit for almost anyone. The memory-protein padding that is placed inside the earcups is extremely comfortable. It guarantees a snug fit, is comfortable to your face and doesn’t cause you sweat to the point of being a t-shirt.

However, the most important thing in this case is the quality of the audio. If you’re looking for a high-quality bass, there’s no alternative to a big driver set. The H19’s 40mm drivers will be enough to provide the necessary bass. For a booming bass, clear mids and dazzling highs the headphones are one of the top models available. Also check our Mpow h19 vs Mpow h19 IPO comparison.

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