Maintenance Tips for Your Car’s Radiator

The radiator is the main part of the cooling system in your vehicle. It has the purpose of keeping the engine coolant fluid at the proper level

In this article we will talk about what a car’s radiator is, tackle the problems of a malfunctioning radiator, and discuss the best possible ways to maintain a healthy and functioning radiator. A quick heads up is that this article will not talk deeply into a radiator and deep into car parts. Just a vague idea of what the part is and basic tips to maintain its life.


What Is A Car Radiator?

A car radiator is placed in front of the engine. And functions as the ‘cooler’ of the car. Cooler of the interior, where the passenger stays and where the engine stays. If you’re wondering if the car radiator is responsible for the air conditioning of a vehicle, then you are correct. You should maintain your radiator for a cooler drive on the road. Car radiators are also responsible for preventing the engine from overheating


Now that you know what a car radiator is, you should now be cautious about it. Mainly because it relieves heat in the car. Take care of it by doing these tips.


Keep The Radiator Moist


Radiators have a fluid substance called a coolant, and different types of coolants are for different types of radiators so do a quick research on your car and car radiator to find out which coolant belongs to your car radiator. 


Some people do ask if water can be poured instead of coolant, and the answer is yes. Water can be replaced as radiator coolant but of course with side effects. One of which is that water boils at a faster rate than coolants so if you replace your coolant fast then you should replace water faster. 


Car Radiator Flushing


The term radiator flushing might be a new term to your ears but it is simply putting a fluid called radiator flush fluid in the same place where you pour the coolant. Flushing is important to do regularly. Mainly because fluids and particles in your radiator can get stuck and reduce the life of the car and radiator. After the radiator flush fluid, you can now pour water to force the dirt stuck to go out.


This is helpful to you and your car because not only flushing removes dirt and liquid, it can also run through rust and corroding steel. If you will do it on your own, you might want to check for damage, leaks, or holes and if you see such, best to go to your local mechanic to give it a look. You can never go wrong with professionals


Key Takeaway

The tips given to you are just two (2) out of many more tips, these are just the easy ones and doable at home. Just remember to read, know your car and car parts to avoid misconceptions and misuse of materials. There is a rare thing called universal coolant or universal radiator flush so read the manual, ask for help from others, and drive safely.

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