Key Differences Between Straight-Through and Crossover Ethernet Cables

We all are familiar with ethernet cables by now. An Ethernet cable is a networking cable that serves as a connection between two devices for networking purposes. These networking cables, like 25m Ethernet cables, are made of four-pair twisted cables with conductors.

The connector that supports data transmission at both ends of the cable is known as the RJ45 connector. The different categories of Ethernet cables include Cat5, Cat5E, and Cat6 cables. Cat5 can support a speed of 10/100 Mbps, while Cat5E and Cat6 can support 10/100/1000 Mbps.

Nevertheless, ethernet cable wiring may be done either as straight-through or crossover. Straight through ethernet cable is the type of cable that connects computers to hubs or switches and is the most commonly use one.

They are most likely what you will locate while visiting your nearby computer store and buying a patch cable. In contrast, crossover cables connect a computer to a computer and may be difficult to find as they are not commonly used. 

T568A And T568B Wiring Standard Basis

An RJ45 connector is a modular eight-function, the eight-pin connector use for terminating Cat5e patch cable or Cat6 cable. A pinout is a particular arrangement of wires that dictate how the connector is terminat. There are requirements identified by way of ANSI, TIA, and EIA for wiring Ethernet cables.

The first is the T568A wiring general, and the second is T568B. For twisted pair-based cabling T568B has passed 568A and is visible as the default wiring scheme. If you are not sure about which one to use, then 568B is the way to go.  

Straight-Through Cable

A straight-through cable like a 25m ethernet cable Tesco is a kind of twisted pair cable. This is utilize in neighborhood vicinity networks to connect a computer to a network hub that includes a router. However, another name for this type of cable is patch cable.
And these are use as an alternative option of wi-fi connections wherein one or more computer systems access a router through Wi-Fi. The pins always match on a straight-through cable. Straight via cable use one standard wiring: both ends use T568A wiring widespread, or both ends use T568B wiring as the standard. 

Crossover Cable

A crossover Ethernet cable is a kind of Ethernet cable use to connect computing gadgets without . Unlike immediately thru cable, the RJ45 crossover cable makes use of exclusive wiring standards: one-stop makes use of the T568A wiring, and the other cease to make use of the T568B standard of wiring.

Also, the inner wiring of Ethernet crossover cables reverses the transmit and receive indicators. The most common use of this cable is to connect devices of similar nature, (through a network interface controller) or switch to every other through a 25m ethernet cable Screwfix. 

Key Differences

  • In crossover cables the pins are cross over each other as indicate by the names. Pin one crosses over with pin three, and pin two is cross over with pin six. In contrast, in straight-through cables, the connections of the pin are one-to-one.
  • Straight-through cables form connections between different devices, while crossover cables form connections between similar devices. 
  • Straight-through cable creates a connection between the computer and router, while the crossover cable creates a connection between computer to computer and router to router. 

Which One Should You Choose?

The answer to this is quite simple and is majorly dependent upon your needs. If you want to connect different devices like connecting a computer to a router, then choose a straight-through cable like a 25m Ethernet cable.

On the other hand, if you want to connect the same or similar devices like computer to computer and router to router, then choose a crossover cable Thus, You can use straight-through cables for the following connections:

  • Switch to a router.
  • Hub to PC or server.
  • Switch to PC or server.

And, you can use crossover cables for the following connections:

  • Switch to a hub.
  • Switch to switch.
  • Router to router.
  • Hub to Hub.
  • PC to PC.
  • Router Ethernet port to PC NIC.


Straight thru and crossover cables are wire differently from each different. One clean manner to inform what you have got is to take a look at the order of the colored wires in the RJ45 connector. Plus, if the order of the wires is equal on both ends, you then have an immediately via cable how ever now not, then it’s maximum likely a crossover cable or turned into wired wrong. Add to this; the straight-through cable is a lot more popular than crossover cable and is broadly utilize by human beings. Manufacturers like Tesco, Screwfix, Curry’s, Argos, Toolstation present a complete range immediately via Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6a, and Cat7 Ethernet cables with many lengths and colorings options. You can find a large variety of cables like 25m ethernet cables on amazon.


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