How to style bold-coloured clothing

Bold colours have made a comeback, and for a good reason. Bold hues can bring an outfit to life and make you feel like you’re wearing something unique. But if you’re new to bold clothes or feeling intimidated by them, you must follow these tips when styling any bold-coloured item. After all, there’s nothing worse than looking like an unfinished painting or a rainbow accidentally spilt on your body.

Choose one bold item at a time.

Trying to match every piece of clothing in your wardrobe with a bold colour is tempting, but that can look like you’re wearing a circus tent. Instead, choose one of your green dresses, for instance, and let the rest of the outfit be neutral or tonal (that is, no contrasting colours). This will keep everything from getting overloaded and overwhelming you.

Always pair bold colours with neutral tones.

When you’re wearing bold colours, it’s important to pair them with neutral tones to balance out the look. You can use one or a combination of black, white, grey and brown for this. These colours are often referred to as neutrals because they create an air of sophistication and elegance. With such tones in your wardrobe, you can easily create different looks depending on how you combine them with other pieces:

  • Create a monochromatic look by using only one colour from head to toe (e.g., navy blue pants with a navy blue shirt)
  • Create a neutral look by adding pops of colour here and there (e.g., pairing your bright jeans with a plain white t-shirt)

Layer up your look.

  • Wear bold colours like crisp green dresses as an accessory. A bright coat, bag or scarf will make any outfit pop. Use one of these pieces to stand out from the crowd and create a fun, playful vibe.
  • Layer a bold-coloured top over a neutral one for an easy way to introduce some bright hue into your wardrobe without taking too many risks at once! This look is perfect for those who want to experiment with their style but are still afraid of going all in on a single item in brightly-hued colours like neon pink or yellow.
  • Pair it with something you already own: If you’re looking for an easy way to add some life to an outfit but don’t want anything too dramatic yet still want that extra boost of colour, it is recommended to layer under another piece instead! For example, pairing it underneath another top (whether they’re similar colours), sweater cardigan etc.

Bold colours can look great on anyone if you follow these style tips.

Bold colours can look great on anyone if you follow these style tips.

First, choose a bold colour that complements your skin tone. For example, if you have fair skin and blonde hair, look for clothes in reds or yellows to match your complexion. Darker skin tones may do better with shades of green and blue. If this is confusing for you, ask the salesperson at the clothing store where you’re shopping for advice on picking out pieces that suit your body type best!

Second, make sure that the clothing item fits well! When shopping online or trying something on in-store, pay attention to how each piece looks from every angle before making a final decision—you don’t want anything too tight or too loose, so make sure it sits comfortably across all areas without pulling too tightly across any one area (especially not around chest/stomach area). You’ll also want it long enough, so there’s no fear of showing off more leg than usual when bending over, but not so long that it drags along behind while walking around typically, either.

If you’re new to bold colours, this article has helped you feel a little more confident about wearing them. Remember that it’s all about balance and coordination, so ensure your outfit has enough neutrals and contrasts to offset the bright colours. You can also use prints and patterns to give yourself extra options when styling different outfits for various occasions. If at all possible (and safe), try out these tips with an outfit that includes an item or two in one of these colour palettes: orange/red/pink, yellow/green/blue, purple/pink/orange (or vice versa).

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