How to reset Amazon eero router without using the reset button?

The amazon router is a dual band frequency router that will provide many advanced features. It supports dual band with Mu-MIMO technology. It provides a high speed over your house by deleting the dead zones areas. In those days in every home peoples will use smart devices and must require internet connectivity. Without a good speed internet connection you can’t operate these digital devices. So the Amazon eero router is one of the best and advanced wireless routers. It will come with a built-in ethernet port. By using an ethernet cable you can easily connect your devices and enjoy seamless internet speed. This wireless router is fully optimum and ideal. It has 4 external antennas that enhance the network with high speed. 


It fully supports MU-MIMO technology, By using these features you can easily connect many devices at one time. And easily access the wireless network without compromising with the speed. USB port is also available in this router. Using this port you can easily connect your printer, storage device and other devices. You can easily complete the configuration of this router just by using the amazon eero login page. To make login need to input the login credentials, By default is “ADMIN” 

Why reset my amazon eero router?

The amazon eero wireless router works with dual band frequency.  This band offers you a high speed or 2600mbps. Amazon router totally supports all alexa devices. Simply you can operate the settings of your router by giving voice commands to alexa. In 2.4ghz this router offers you speed of 800mbps and in 5ghz speed of 1800 mbps. You can enjoy live streaming, Online gaming without any network issues. The dual core processor of this router makes it a more smooth network and covers the whole area. 

If you are getting any kind of issues while using amazon eero router. In order to fix the issues you can perform a reset. This process will refresh your router and set all settings as default. You can easily do this process. Just need to press the reset button of your router, Which is available at the back side of your router. 

Ways to reset 

If you want to reset your amazon router by using the online method. You can do this by accessing the main login page. Without login you can’t manage settings or perform a hard reset.  So here are some steps to reset.

Access web interface

In order to access the amazon eero router web interface. You must be sure that your device is connected with the same network. You can access the login portal in your computer/laptop/mobile. Just need to open any web browser chrome, bing, safari etc. Then in the upper bar search for the default IP Address or your router. We recommend you to use the computer or laptop to manage the router settings, Because in big screen you can easily manage and view all the settings. 

Enter to the admin panel

In the web browser enter the default IP (If you didn’t know the IP Address. You can read the manual all the details are written) You will redirect to the login interface. Use the default password or username which is “ADMIN” to access the settings. 

Keep in mind – Remind that you can’t access the login interface without connecting with the router wireless network or by using mobile data. To access the router settings your device must connect over same wireless network. 

Open settings and reset

After entering the main homepage of your router. On the right side simply click to the settings icon. Then select the advanced option. Under advanced you will get many options. Simply. Open more tools. In these settings you will see the eero factory reset option. Simply click on it, An alert notification will appear on your screen. Simply, Click to agree and your router will enter factory reset mode. 

Reset process – During resetting your amazon eero router. It may be turned “ON” or “OFF” automatically, no need to worry. This is a common process after completing the reset, Your router will set as default. Do not turn off your router during resetting it may cause major problems. After completing the reset process reboot your router once and configure it again.

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