How to make reading practice interesting to ace IELTS Reading?

If you are planning to clear your IELTS examination, then you should take the test after proper preparations. IELTS examination is a globally accepted examination that checks the proficiency of the English language. Those who want to immigrate need to clear it without any fail. It is a very harsh reality in case they are not able to clear it then they cannot proceed with their immigration application. Though you can reappear for the examination a number of times but then it is one of the expensive examinations. So, it is better to prepare beforehand and then make an appearance on the real examination. The students can try their hand on the mock tests available online or in their IELTS institutes. 


The examination is divided into four IELTS Sections- Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking. These are the four main criterias to judge whether a person is well aware about the language or not. Clearing all the four IELTS sections is very important to clear the examination. For example, if a student has achieved good bands in reading, writing and listening, but could not make it in the speaking section, then also it is a problem. It is evident that the aspirant cannot speak the language properly and hence cannot communicate effectively. So, whenever we are appearing for the examination we should be prepared with all the aspects. 


Every IELTS section has its own importance. Reading, though it is taken very lightly, is one of the important IELTS sections. If you can get bands in this section then it may improve your overall band score in the examination. But, the point is how to practice reading. It is a vast scenario. The examiner can ask anything and everything. Then the question is how to study and prepare for reading. While preparing for the reading section it gets pretty boring. Well, then you don’t have to do boring things. You can try to improve your reading everyday using practice tests and also reading the news is a great way to work on your IELTS!

Well, if you  are thinking about news then yes! Reading the news can help to improve this section. But then your next question can be that even news is too boring to read. Well, that is true in some instances. But in order to improve your reading you may lookout for interesting news. You can opt for the news topics that you like to read. For example, if you like to read about lifestyle then you may pick-up those types of news and start developing interest. The more interesting pieces you read the better you will get into your reading. The idea is to develop the habit of reading and then start practising for difficult topics.

So, here are a few ideas that will help you to choose the news of your interest and then you start reading and practising it. The very first thing you need to determine is your area of interest. It can be anything from gardening to movies to finance to lifestyle to anything you like to read. So, if you have a varied type of interest then it is better, it means you can read more. 

Tip 1: Know your Websites

This is important, you can check out a few of the websites and keep them marked that serve the areas of your interest. This is helpful because you can regularly check the news that shares areas of your interest. 


Tip 2: Read lots of Related Articles

The next step is to make sure that you read articles from the same topics. Following one type of idea will help you to improve your understanding and also introduce you to new words the similar words will appear in continuing articles. This is one of the steps as to how you learn a language. If you read similar types of articles then you tend to  read the same words over and over again in slightly different texts and over time understand the word fully.

This method of learning slowly as you read a word over and over again encourages deep, meaningful learning, not simple memorisation. 


Tip 3: Always Keep a Journal for Vocab and Ideas

The difference between successful and unsuccessful IELTS students is how active they are. So, you should not only read. Read and DO SOMETHING. Maintain a journal for vocabs and writing ideas. 

Tip 4 Practice Activities

Besides taking good notes, it is important that you should try to do some meaningful practice with what you read. You can read the article and write a short summary. Write your opinion of what is happening in the article. You can even write a prediction for what will happen in the future related to the article.Another interesting way is to record your favourite quotes/lines from the article. Try to memorise them.

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