How to Design a Bonfire Pit Around Your Garden?

During the winter season, no one wants to stay outside late at night instead they want to spend more time inside the home. The best idea is to have a bonfire pit in the garden of your home to enjoy bonfire nights and there is no need to go outside in a restaurant to enjoy this when it costs you a lot and you can arrange them at ease of your home. Just imagine the family or friends are sitting around and exchanging some amazing stories from childhood or past and a friend is just entertaining all with some joke or a song. Why just imagine it hire an expert from Interior to fit out services or Interior design consultancy Dubai to have the best fire pit inside your garden. Here are some of the simple ideas to make you help.

Wooden or Gas Fire Pit:

The first thing is to decide whether to choose a wooden or gas fire pit, you can choose it according to your taste as some people like to have flames and others just want tò to have warm feelings. Wooden fire pits are not that much easy to use as compared to the gas because there are open flames all around so you have to be careful and the gas fire pits are easy because you can just switch on and off a button. If you also want to cook some food on the fire you can have a hanging grill with double or triple shelves to help you.

Select the Location:

Afterwards, you have to choose the right location for your fire pit and you have to consider various factors like selecting the spot where there is no strong wind because it can blow the flames away causing danger, away from burning material like books, newspapers or any other flammable material, also it must be away from the  wall fencing.

Seating & Lighting:

Arrange recessed pit plus seating area that is rectangular or moon shape like circular. You can also place some cosy chairs and sofas to have a better experience if you want to spend hours there. Lighting will be of different types you can install LED lights these consume less energy and do not affect or dim the firelight. There are many other options like fairy lights, barn lights tiki lamps etc to make it a wonderful night experience under the skylight.

Ensure Safety:

The most important factor is to ensure safety by cleaning all the bushes dry leaves or combustible material around the selected location of the fire pit. Make kids and all your pets or neighbour’s well informed about you are designing a bone fire pit because someone may be allergic to smoke so they can adjust accordingly.


These are some of the tips to follow if you are planning to design the bone fire pit in your home. Hire an expert team from Fit-out company in Dubai to help you throughout the process. Author Bio: Exotic Interior Studio Dubai is the best leading design company having expertise in theme- based residential and office-based spaces. The studio makes sure to follow the modern interior and decor trends to deliver an outstanding final design. From planning to designing and adding essential furnishings the kind architectural team guides you throughout the process. Exotic Interior Studio designs buildings that add to the ambience and minimalist look of any place. Punctual and excellent teamwork is the key to the success of this design studio.

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