How to change your Spotify password?

As a matter of first importance, Spotify is a well known online-based music real-time feature that gives you admittance to a huge number of melodies and playlists for all preferences. In excess of 345 million month to month dynamic individuals in 173 nations as of now have a Spotify account, and that number keeps on developing.

Spotify account seizing is likewise on the ascent. By 2020, something like 300,000 Spotify records will have been hacked. Therefore, many email addresses, login qualifications, and other client information are uncovered.

However, would you be able to stop it? Also above all, how would you safeguard your Spotify information? A safe, consistently changed secret key is required.

Assuming you speculate that somebody has gotten to your record or needs to refresh your Spotify secret word to make it safer, change your Spotify secret key to something safer. To know about how to change Spotify password then be with us.

Steps to change Spotify password.

It’s a good practice if we change our passwords from time to time because using this will prevent your account from being hacked. Read the below points to know how to change Spotify password step by step:-

  • Open your browser and click here to directly go change the Spotify password page.
  • Enter your Spotify current passwords in the current passwords tab.
  • Then enter your new Spotify password any you want and you will not forget.
  • Click on the green button to set a new Spotify password.

Note that if you change your Spotify passwords, You will be logged out on all devices where you signed in to your Spotify account.

How to forget the Spotify password and enter a new one?

  • Open your browser and go to the Spotify password reset page by clicking here –
  • Put your email address and username of your Spotify account and hit the send button.
  • Now go to your mailbox and check the Spotify account recovery mail link.
  • Click on it and enter your new Spotify password
  • And then click set passwords to set your new Spotify password.

What do you do if your Spotify account is being hacked?

In the first place, you want to change your Spotify password to a more unique and stronger one so that no outsider can sign in once more. Then, at that point, go to the Spotify accounts page by clicking here-

and choose to sign out all devices where you signed in.

How to protect your Spotify account or any account from theft and misrepresentation? The simplest and best method for protecting your account is to make a solid unique password by mixing numbers, letters or symbols.

Helpful tips to create a unique strong password – Nobody guesses it.

The 95% of websites or apps are the same requirements to enter the password in the same format like:-

  • Write at least 8 characters password with uppercase or lowercase alphabet,
  • With digits or symbols,
  • No dictionary keywords patterns.


I hope you love this content and now every time you set a unique or unguessable password on your every account to prevent hacking. Put letters, numbers or symbols to create a unique password.

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