How technology has evolved the locksmith industry?

Nowadays, we have a lot of choices from different locks. In addition to the traditional cylinder lock for the doors, we also have special locks for windows, cars, and bicycles. Smart locks are now available that don’t require a key to open them. Locksmith Tampa has to keep themselves with this new technology to better perform in their field. The lock has gone through a lot of evolution since the first time people started securing their belongings in locked rooms. Let’s take a look at how we got to this point by the evolution of the locksmith industry.

 Protection of assets

As long as man has walked on earth, he has needed protection of himself and his property. In ancient times, he secured himself by inhabiting caves for reasons of being less reachable and invisible from view. At that time, it was due to protection against wild animals. Once people first started using homes, ways were found to make them as safe as possible.

The very first locks

As long as personal belongings exist, ways are being devised to keep them safe. Before the invention of the castle, pits, tree hollows, and caves were used. Most historians use 2000 BC as the origin of locks in Ancient Egypt. These locks were used to secure places for storage. The keys were made of wooden and were so large that they had to be carried on the back. The mechanism is very similar to the modern pin cylinder lock.

Yale cylinder lock

In 1861 the patent for the cylinder lock was given in America to Linus Yale. Although the Americans continued to elaborate on the ideas of the 4000-year-old wooden locks. He was the first to develop a metal cylinder lock. In this flat lock, they could use a flat key. More than 150 years later, Yale is still a well-respected brand engaged in the production of all types of locks. It was these cylinder locks with serrated keys that made it really difficult for burglars to open them.

Security Locks are available Today!

Today, there is a wide variety of locks. Just think of cylinder locks, multipoint locks, rim locks, smart locks, and electronic locks, from various brands and different price ranges. The locks and keys may have evolved completely, but the theory behind them is the same. We want to protect ourselves and our possessions to the best of our ability and are willing to invest in them. It’s not an unnecessary luxury when you look at the number of burglaries.

New technologies affect a large percentage of locksmiths in Florida, leaving only the most capable still standing out from the crowd. They manage to keep abreast of the latest changes.

All In One Locksmith evolves with the latest technology from installing high-end locks for commercial buildings to smart locks. This allows them to continue providing a high level of service to their customers looking for a reliable Locksmith in Tampa.

Locks of the future: digital locks

The so-called locks of the future have been in place for some time. Many locksmiths are already working with digital door locks through installation and replacement. Therefore, people and companies who are able to make the investment in a new security system for home or business should not think too much and take this high-tech security.

Digital door locks are often used with code. This code can be shared with people who need access to specific buildings. This makes digital locks very suitable for offices or other commercial spaces. Digital door locks eliminate the need for physical keys and make checking in and out a breeze. The unlock codes can be changed as needed.

Fingerprint sensors

Advanced digital door locks work by identifying pre-approved fingerprints on the sensory screen. Just put your thumb or finger on the screen, wait a moment for approval, and the door opens. Say goodbye to keys with a digital door lock with a fingerprint sensor.

Finding an emergency locksmith

Formerly, even after hours, it was difficult to contact locksmiths or emergency locksmiths. It took a lot of hard work to get to a locksmith, and we often had to wait until the next morning.

Today, everything is distinct due to technology. The internet has made it feasible for locksmiths to communicate instantly at any time. It gives users comfort and ease of use. You can find and call another locksmith in seconds by using your mobile phone.

Other types of innovative locks

  • Electromagnetic locks

This type of lock is used in medical labs or commercial premises, where a door is opened only after pressing a button.

  • Smart Locks” unlock a door via your smartphone.

Some companies have taken advantage of the internet and developed locks that can be operated using smartphones. When the home or business owner is nearby, the mobile phone will automatically open the lock using proximity sensors. This system does not require keys but is based on Bluetooth.

The role of a Locksmith in security

Locksmiths are often underestimated, while their skills are very important. Imagine a world without locks. It’s almost impossible, right? A locksmith does more than replace locks or make keys. As the demand for security has increased, the locksmith field also updated. Our ever-growing industry spurred by the advancement of technology keeps us sharp, our equipment up-to-date, and our service high! So, if you need any kind of Locksmith services, count on Cheap Locksmith in Tampa.


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