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How Does Amazon FBA Work?

Amazon marketplace is an e-commerce platform that allows third-party sellers to go and easily sell their new and unique products on Amazon at a fixed price, with regular offerings. The Amazon FBA, which is also known as Fulfillment by Amazon, is one among the two of the core fulfillment options, which is offered beforehand to Amazon sellers. The other facility than FBA is known as FBM or Fulfillment by Merchant. In this process, the seller takes care of the packing and shipping of the requested products without any hesitation directly to the customers. Here, Zonbase is a one-stop-shop, where you can find tools and resources for Amazon sellers.


However, through the FBA process, it is summed up by Amazon that the seller central will sell it, but Amazon will ship it. However, there are a few steps through which all this process works. It will help one determine if is amazon fba business still worth it in 2022.

Step 1: Opening A Seller Central Account

At first, you need to register yourself as a seller, and you have to choose the marketplace where you would be selling. By logging in to the account, you can also add the FBA.

Step 2: Creating Your Product Listings

After creating a seller central account, you can start adding up all the products to the Amazon catalog that you will put on for sale. With the addition of the products, you can also add up your title, bullet points, price ratings, and product description.

Step 3: Shipping Products To Amazon

Once the products are ready to be on sale, you can create a shipping plan which fits your pocket size, and once done, Amazon will inform you to let your products be shipped to different centers throughout the globe.

Step 4: Your Inventory Stored With Amazon

Once you sell your inventory and it gets received by Amazon, it will be stored on a shelf. From here, you can go around seeing your inventory numbers growing with time when it will be getting processed through the fulfillment center. The best part which this product carries is if any product gets wasted or damaged inside the warehouse, the loss will be covered up by Amazon, and you will be paid the selling price easily.

Step 5: A Customer Buys The Product

From this process, you have nothing precise to worry about. Here you sit and watch the magic happen. Here, once the buyer buys your product, Amazon directly ships the product to the required address, takes care of the payment system, and subsequently updates you about your inventory supply.

Step 6: Shipment Of The Product

By default, amazon would have scored the customer’s details for the shipment, and by the checkout process, they will pick and pack the product from you before they ship it out to them.

Step 7: Customer Services And Payment

Once the shipment is started, you can easily sit stressless, and Amazon will handle every issue if it happens. However, once everything is done and dusted, Amazon would start paying you the profit into the nominated bank account after deducting the fees and charges from the sale.


However, this process is not that simple, the way it looks. But, once you are done with your process, it becomes easy for you to earn profit without any risk.

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