How Cleaning Grease Traps Regularly Helps Save Money in the Future?

This article talks about how regular grease trap cleaning saves money tomorrow. It briefly mentions the importance of professional cleaning companies for commercial kitchen cleaning

If you work in a restaurant or are in charge of the kitchen staff, you must be familiar with a ‘grease trap’. Albeit, the grease trap is not the most beautiful part of the restaurant but well, it is very very important. This trap gets installed to collect all the kitchen wastes, ensure that nothing passes through the sink, and later get disposed of safely.

However, at times you might think regular emptying of your grease trap will cost you a ton of money. Well, the case is a lot different than you think.

If you schedule regular grease trap cleaning with a professional company, there is a lot of money that you can save. There are a lot of terrible repercussions of not emptying grease traps. Well, you don’t want to deal with any of it. And these repercussions are a bit of a costly affair! So save all the money that you want with regular cleaning.

Want to know more? Read on.

Ways how Regular Grease Trap Cleaning Saves Money-

Avoids Widespread Damage

A grease trap locks all the oil, grease, fat, and other organic waste that accumulates in your commercial kitchen. It is not a surprise that this grease solidifies at room temperature. So, all the waste that you keep unemptied in your tank, forms a large mass of solid. If you do not employ a licensed and experienced grease trap cleaning service to remove this solidified waste, it will corrupt your entire water drainage system. This grease will start appearing in your water pipes and clog them. And there will be several issues with your restaurant or eatery’s plumbing system. Once the drainage problem arises, you have to call for help. And let me tell you, the money that you will spend on this water pipe repairing is way more than getting the traps emptied.

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No Bacterial or Toxins Damage

A grease trap holds together a lot of stagnant kitchen waste. So the tank in which the waste accumulates holds together a lot of harmful bacteria. This creates a lot of unsanitary situations and let’s not forget the smell. Also, harmful bacteria get stored inside the tank. And at the end, the water that gets clogged in the pipes (as mentioned in the previous point), becomes a breeding ground for bacteria. So imagine this situation, where the groundwater that ‘you’ are going to drink later is slowly getting contaminated with toxic bacteria and other fat. This fat when added with bacteria becomes a highly contagious sulphuric acid. If this acid formation takes place, it can eat through the concrete and steel substance of your trap. Hence your sink will get contaminated. To avoid the hassle of cleaning all these bacteria, do grease trap maintenance. Not only will save you this ‘huge’ cost but also keep you safe.

Saves You From Health Code Laws

Well, if you work in a commercial kitchen, health law codes must not be a new term for you. Health inspectors in Ireland pay regular visits to food establishments. And let me mention here, that none of these visits are ‘announced’! If they find out that the tank is full of solid waste, you can face serious charges. And before you think only the owner will get blamed, rethink. The entire staff responsible for the kitchen will get charged with hefty lawsuits.

There is no way that you can escape the health inspectors. They will check and recheck your tank and drain outflow. The officers keep a check on whether there is any kind of cross-contamination.

To avoid these serious charges and penalties that will cost you ‘way’ more than a grease trap cleaning cost, ask for help from professionals. Having regular maintenance will save you from the risk of losing your operating license and facing huge penalties.

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No Bad Propaganda for Your Business

If your establishment faces a lawsuit of any kind, the most disastrous outcome of this situation is losing out on valuable customers. And let’s be real, no one wants to dine in or order from health-risk food joints. If you have an unclean kitchen (that will be very much noticeable by the ‘odor’), no one will be willing to risk their health by eating at your joint. To avoid losing your customers and making your business’ reputation go sour, schedule regular cleaning with licensed professionals. They do not interrupt your business in any way and do efficient cleaning too.

Since you now know how the regular trap cleaning saves a lot of money in the future, call a professional grease trap cleaning service to help your situation, affordably.

If you call in professionals regularly or ask them to schedule their cleaning services after brief intervals, they will provide affordable quotes for you. Among all these companies. Greaseco is quite famous. You can choose anyone that you desire. These companies will also provide a certificate of standard cleaning that you can show to the health inspectors too! Just keep in mind, that the smartest preventive measure is to keep regularity in your cleaning than spending bucks cleaning the mess!

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