How Can Project Management Software Help the Educational Sector? A Bitrix24 Review

The educational sector is also changing and there are a lot of new technologies that facilitate students, teachers, and administrators at these learning centers. The benefits of large cloud databases, communication tools, data processing software extend to education too. They can collect, store, and analyze student data to study its characteristics, behavior and use that knowledge to promote academic activities. Bitrix24 reviews mention the CRM tool can make such contributions in schools, colleges, and universities. The system features make it easier for them to stay updated and plan actions according to student behavior, especially in a virtual environment.

What is Bitrix 24?

Bitrix24 is a CRM software that is open-source and is intended to make communication and management much smoother. It can be used by small or large organizations especially those in the educational sector. The software has a comprehensive list of features that are useful for organizing contacts, emails, messages, tasks, projects, deadlines, and other activities in a single location. Users have the option to use web-based apps that are compatible with the system and also download the mobile version on their mobile devices.

The range of Bitrix24 features gives users access to many modules, tools, and capabilities. They can integrate the software with the school or organization’s current system and customize it according to their needs. It is a collaborative software that allows all school employees to work together to uphold the education standards of any institution. They can monitor tasks and their progress using the dedicated module. The best thing about Bitrix24 is its flexibility, affordable pricing, and ability to fit in any company. Listed below are some ways academia can benefit from it.

Tackling Limitations of e-Learning

Tracking and monitoring students come with its limitations especially if they are navigating a completely online learning environment. However, there are new tools that help educators refer to personal data and have the knowledge they need, i.e. previous qualifications, academic performance, etc., to address the student’s learning needs.

However, previous systems failed to include important variables such as the number of times the students access the online course material, how much time they spend on the learning portal, and what contributions they have made to classroom activities. Bitrix24 features address these limitations and have introduced new tools that are useful for e-learning. The collaborative features are useful in most e-learning environments and apply the concepts related to monitoring, collecting, and integrating to provide a holistic solution.

Providing Additional Resources

Educators are responsible for building a connection with their students because it affects the impact they make on a student’s performance. Teachers are usually evaluated based on their students’ satisfaction level with their teaching style and methods. A CRM tool can help record the educator’s performance as well in terms of their lectures, additional assistance, and ability to address the student’s concerns. Bitrix24 reviews mention the resources it provides in terms of form templates and report generation which help academics spot problems early on and provide constructive feedback wherever necessary.

Easy Follow Up

The educational CRM systems also provide institutions with the space to strike the perfect balance between learning and teaching. It helps teachers connect with students by following a specific sequence and sending reminders for the next step. Bitrix24 demo can also help colleges answer questions for potential students especially those who have an interest in enrolling at the school. The software analyzes the interaction and prompts the educators to follow up when a certain amount of time has passed.

At times students are hesitant when it comes to asking questions so these types of interactions can make them comfortable enough to talk openly. There is no need to manually keep track of all exchanges and educators can send automated responses or monitor communication using a smart system.

Automated Lists

The most talked-about feature in Bitrix24 reviews is that it takes care of many tasks with automation. The software can compile lists of queries using the program and then sort them . Based on who sent them and which topic they pertain to. This is very useful when it comes to the teacher answering students’ questions. They can immediately pull up the student’s file and refer to it in case of an extra-curricular concern.

The academic staff using it will always be up to speed when it comes to student concerns . Knows who to refer to when they want to answer specific questions. While going through the process, the software filters out the most important messages . Can also track details relevant to any one-on-one meetings planned with the student. They can monitor productivity, track the status of all ongoing matters. Therefore, freeing up the teacher’s time and allowing them to do what they do best.

Integrates CRM

Educational organization can integrate the customer relationship management software . With the existing system and consolidate all their projects, data, tasks, and activities in one place. They will benefit from the robustness of the Bitrix24 demo because it utilizes several applications and can solve many problems. Users can upload and share files with their fellow teachers on the platform. It also simplifies timetables and calendars so educators can keep track of any missed or make-up classes they have scheduled.

Bitrix24 is capable of handling all internal and external communication with enhanced security features. It has additional options for intranet services such as file-sharing or Wiki. The users can make or receive phone calls through the software as well once they have given it access rights. The search features are also very advanced for a system of this size.


Bitrix24 reviews rate it highly as software for system operations. It helps streamline, automate and enhance all projects. There is a wide range of management features included such as time-tracking and planning which can benefit all educational platforms. They can connect it with their email clients and personal calendars . Which makes it easier for them to schedule classes and meetings with students.

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