Hire Developers Vs. Development Company: Which is the Best Option to Choose!

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App and web development have reached a new level in previous years. Statista report of 2019 shows that almost 21.3 billion apps were downloaded by users worldwide. The demand for different types of apps has increased a lot in the last few years. And it becomes mandatory for businesses to indulge the requests of their ideal customers. Hence to meet the present generation’s needs, most brands opt for a mobility solution for their business.

The businesses that are amenable to developing an online presence for their business need developers’ support at one or another point. Business ventures are often confused about whom to hire. Whether to hire a mobile app development company or hire a developer to better their business. Before taking any of the discussions, companies must have a clear idea about whom to hire for the development process. Go through the below circumstance, which will help to have a clear view about whom to hire for your project development.

Whom You Should Choose Developer or Development Company: Which is the Best Option

If you aim to start successfully, you need to hire professional developers. Choosing the appropriate contractors to make future offspring is a challenging pill to swallow; you need to consider a limited budget and timeframes. What do you need to consider to hire the perfect person and ensure your project’s success?

The universal remedy doesn’t exist; the same is for the finished choice of whom to hire. Appointing an in-house team for one-time project development is crucial; it demands massive money for startups. Therefore, you have to make the perfect choice between passing your development project to a freelancer or appointing an established development company that helps you with the development of an app like Hulu or any other as per your business type and size. Both developers and development companies have their advantages and disadvantages; you need each to make the best choice.

Difference to Know About Developer and Development Company

The developer is self-employed who has a set of special many in-demand skills. For example, a developer may practice UI/UX design, data analytics, front-end development, etc. Customarily, developers are not committed to a particular employer on a long-term cornerstone and often have increased clients at a time. They usually avoid working in an office and prefer to work from home (WFH), leading to downshifting spots and cafes.

Software development companies are authorized teams of specialists that work well together. Usually, the teams consist of business analysts, developers, designers, project managers, quality assurance engineers, etc. Most mobile app development agencies provide full services, starting from initial consulting to product launch.

Development Cost

One of the most apparent differences between development companies and developers is development cost. Before outsourcing your project to anyone, you need to compare the development cost charged by them. Some of the development companies may charge significant fees for completing the project development. 

When you outsource your project development to any development company, you need to consider language and time differences. Developers also cost a lot for project development; they charge almost $70 to $150 per hour to accomplish the development task which you assign to them.

Technical Knowledge & Skills 

When you hire freelance developers for your software development, the main problem you will face is that they will only work for a few months until they complete the contract. After completing the deal, they will leave you and take all the technical knowledge about your project skills.

If you face any problem after the development phase, you need to rehire them again, which can not be possible some of the time; hence you should outsource your development task to the development company. 

Dedicated Resources

When you delegate your project development work to a development company, they will ensure that the developers working on your project have sufficient resources to complete your project. Customer satisfaction is the absolute priority for companies; Therefore, they will include all the resources of the developer to complete the project within the estimated time.

Most of the development agencies these days enable the client to hire developers according to their project obligations. Compared to that, when you assign your project development task to freelance developers, they cannot give surety that they have enough resources to finish your project within the estimated time. 


Your development idea is precious for your business; hence you will never like to share your project details with one you don’t know. Maybe the unknown person with whom you share your outline details can practice it somewhere else. If you hire developers, then you have to compromise the confidentiality of your project. Still, when you hire a reputed development company, you need not compromise with your project’s confidentiality. 

Development companies sign a confidentiality agreement with you and ask the developers to sign non-disclosure agreements (NDA), ensuring your project’s confidentiality details. They will follow this agreement in any circumstances and provide you that your project is in safe hands.


Everyone wants to develop a quality product for their business. But now it is possible when you hire a freelance developer because they have a lot of work to do at one time. According to a survey, about 32% of US freelancer developers said they get more freelancing work online these days compared to the previous year.

It just means they can accept any other project while working on your project.

Few Taglines

It’s tough to choose between development and freelance developers, but you must choose the right one for your project development. It would be best to pick them who satisfies all your requirements and offers excellent development service, which adds more value to your project.

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