Get to Know Your House – Your Electric Service

Get to Know Your House - Your Electric Service

Get to Know Your House – Your Electric Service

Though it may appear confusing at first, knowing your home’s power centres. Water supply, electric service, and gas system is quite beneficial. You never know when an issue may arise. So knowing your way around will come in handy.

You should exercise caution when exploring your home’s electrical system. If there is standing water in the room, don’t touch the panel. And don’t investigate with both hands at the same time. When you touch the panel with both hands, you create an open circuit. Allowing stray current to travel through you.

When a property need new wiring, putting it off for too long might be harmful. It may appear to be a minor annoyance at this moment. But it could actually be a fire hazard. If you use the microwave and the washing at the same time, you can lose power. It’s possible that the problem isn’t caused by old cables, but by the fact that they were put wrongly. Why not employ an electrical service firm to rewire your home instead of making regular excursions to the basement to flick the breaker?


When looking for a rewiring firm, make sure they have the appropriate qualifications to execute the task safely. If your home’s rewiring is done incorrectly, you may end yourself in worse shape than before. You must have confidence in the company’s ability to complete the task correctly and safely. One approach to find out is to look at a company’s reputation; seek for nice things that are mentioned about them.


Electric Service Panel

An electric service panel is the control centre for the electric current that powers everything in your home, including switches, light sockets, and receptacles. The emergency electrician in an ancient house will be found in a metal box with fuses, which is the electric service panel.

Fuses resemble tubes or plugs with a glass top. Toggle switches, which are more common in newer homes, are installed in that metal box. Though both fuses and toggle switches are circuit breakers, there is a distinction between the two: toggle switches automatically turn off when they are overloaded, whereas fuses melt when they are overloaded, breaking the circuit. After such an occurrence, this metal strip will need to be replaced with one of the same size and type.

The long insulated wires that enter your home are connected to the panel and originate from the electric metre outside, which is connected to the power grid of the company.


If you have toggle switch circuit breakers, check at the top of the service panel for the main control that allows you to turn the electric current for the house on and off. Though it is not a formal rule that is where you will normally locate it, above all the other switches. It’s possible that the primary switch is hidden behind a little access door that you’ll need to unlock in order to get to it. If you have fuses, check for the main fuse, which is likewise located at the top of the box. The main control normally has a number on it that indicates the sort of service you’re getting, which is measured in amps and is commonly 100, 150, or 200.

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