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GenYoutube is a powerful software that allows you to download YouTube videos with just one click. It features an intuitive interface that allows you to extract YouTube videos. It’s also not helpful to have bulky storage you carry around. It would suffice to have a reliable platform that can download videos and allow you to save your favorite videos on your computer. This standalone application allows you to download and watch any YouTube video. This is an easy download process that does not require any additional software.

What is GenYoutube exactly?

Is it a scam? Many software, avenues, and hacks claim to offer the same solution on the internet, so many people are unsure if GenYoutube really exists. Developers’ creativity is growing exponentially. Every day, a tech guru creates software that simplifies complex and often impossible processes. GenYoutube is a platform that delivers exactly what it promises. It is a YouTube video download platform that offers multiple functions. The best part is that the service is completely free.

Users can download a copy of any YouTube video they have uploaded. Clients can choose the video resolution and file size they want, even if they are 4K quality.  The software allows you to select from different formats or lower resolutions. Sometimes, it can be difficult to watch videos online without consuming data. This software allows you to convert and download your videos. You don’t have to use your data to browse YouTube’s billions upon billions of videos.

This software is superior to previous platforms and has the following features: Auto-queue streaming Focus gain Popup actions Background streaming High-Quality 4K downloading Importing subscriptions genyoutube download youtube video are available as an add-on browser extension.

How can you watch and download videos from the platform?

Gen YouTube installation and downloading videos. You’ve likely read Gen YouTube reviews and are excited about the software. The developers offer different software downloads and installation options for different platforms. One can modify their Mozilla Firefox browser to enable them to download videos from YouTube using GenYoutube.

  • Install Grease Monkey extension Image Source: UGC. The widget will only work properly if you have Grease Monkey browser extensions installed. To install it, search for it on the add-on search page. Click “Add to Firefox”.
  • Install Gen YouTube Extension Image: Source : UGC The extension can be downloaded from the official website of the platform. Click “Install Extension” once you have reached the page. This will allow you to download the script and install it on your computer. Be sure to only download from trusted sources as malicious scripts can invade your privacy without you knowing.
  • Download your videos.  Click the widget while you’re browsing YouTube or watching a video, and then click “download”. Anyone can use the Gen YouTube extension to download YouTube videos. This process is very similar to Mozilla, but there are a few variations.
  • Install Tamper Monkey for Chrome browser allows Gen YouTube optimal operation. You can download it from Google’s Chrome store. After finding the software, click on “Add to Chrome” to allow it to install.
  • Install the extension. The “Install Extension” tab will appear. Clicking this will allow you to download the user script.


Download videos That’s it! You can browse YouTube videos and download them at your convenience. Click the widget in your browser to instantly download the video. It’s that simple. The installation process on Safari browser is identical to Chrome. After the extension has been installed, you will be able to enjoy offline YouTube videos. There is an easier way to do it if you don’t like the above steps and want to know if genYoutube viruses are real copy the URL of the video you want and paste it in the search box on Gen YouTube. Once you are done, click the enter button to load your video page. After the video page is loaded, you can view it and confirm that it is the right one. To save the video, you can click the download button below.

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