General Home Insurance: Process to claim

Unlike cars whose value depreciates from the moment you own them, houses generally enhance in value over time. If you see from a future perspective, owning a property is an investment that will ascertain your financial security in years to come. Therefore, it becomes very important that you protect your home with a comprehensive insurance policy.

Home Insurance Policy

When it comes to a home insurance policy, you must be well familiar about what risks covered by the policy and also the exclusions. You must be well-known with the process of filing a home insurance claim as this will help you contact your insurer without any hassles in case of an mishap. Here’s a general-purpose outline of the claim filing process designed by our Attorney for home insurance claims:

  1. In case of any mishap, ascertain your safety and the safety of the home first. If you can, take all possible steps to avert the loss.
  2. Contact your insurance provider immediately through the helpline number, fax or mail and explain the damage occurred.
  3. If possible, take photos of the damaged parts of your property. Also make sure that you keep the bills and receipts of the services that you have availed after the accident.
  4. Depending on the category of accident and extent of damage, your insurer will ask for supporting documents. Make sure you submit all necessary documents along will duly filled claims form.
  5. A surveyor hired by the insurer to assess the damage.
  6. After the claim is validated, you will be offered an appropriate reimbursement by the insurer.
  7. Documents needed to file a Home Insurance Claim
  8. Having all the necessary documents in place will ensure a swift claims process.

Enlisted are some of the necessary documents for filing a home insurance claims required by the Attorney for home insurance claims.

  • Duly filled claims form signed by the insurer and the insurer’s representative appointed by the law
  • Evidence of the event, extent of loss and nature of mishap – many of the valid independence evidence reports include First Information Report, rent agreement, court summons, repair bills, legal opinion if applicable, fire brigade report, invoices of owned belongings, hospital bills, bills of suppliers, etc.
  • Depending on the nature of claims filed, additional documents demanded for. Also, keep a copy of the policy, policy number, identity and address proof to be shown if needed.

The following tips will help you make your home insurance claims process quicker:

  • Read the policy document thoroughly to understand your inclusions and exclusions. You must know what can be claimed for and what is not included in your policy.
  • Always record your documents carefully. Safely store all the receipts and bills regarding the contents of your house. This will simplify the steps of making a claim.
  • Enter the right details when it comes to the valuation of household goods.
  • Always make it a point to follow up your home insurance provider.
  • Ensure that your claims form carefully filled with all necessary details with the help of an Attorney for home insurance claims to avoid any all sort of bureaucratic delays.

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