Exploring Red Hat Certification for Better Future

Red Hat is a major supplier of open-source enterprise IT technologies. It efficiently assists organisations to virtualise their outdated infrastructures to drive operational flexibility. Red Hat certification helps authenticate skilled IT professionals to take on the most ambitious projects. 

This training effectively equips a fully open technology stack that enterprises can change to suit their needs. Red Hat certification products include cross-platform virtualisation. Enterprise Linux, JBoss middleware, cloud computing, etc. The Red Hat certification focuses on various modern operating systems, cloud-based solutions, storage, virtualisation, etc.

Value Of Red Hat Certification

Red Hat certifications are widely available across the entire technology portfolio. The broad coverage provides much-needed confidence to individuals and organisations equally. Certifications can be authenticated through the Red Hat webpage, as their validity expires after three years. Candidates can renew the certification online after three years. A Red Hat Certification prepares professionals to take on the most challenging roles in the IT world. Red Hat Exams are highly secure and convenient. 


Red Hat Certified System Administrator (RHCSA

Being RHCSA certified proves that you are well versed with system administration skills. System administration skills are essential to managing a Red Hat Enterprise Linux environment. Launched in 2002 as Red Hat Certified Technician (RHCT), it was renamed RHCSA in November 2010. The certified cyber security course is vital for IT professionals to earn a Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE) certification. 

The RHCSA tests your ability to: 

  • Maintain security 
  • Configure local storage
  • Manage users and groups 
  • Create new file systems and upgrade file system attributes 
  • Handle documentation, files, directories, command-line environments with separate running systems, etc.
  • Support updates as well as software installation as and when needed

Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE)

Red Hat engineers can robotise Enterprise Linux tasks and incorporate Red Hat with upcoming technologies to build an efficient environment. The redesigned RHCE exam focuses on automating system administration tasks effectively. The initiation of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 has updated the RHCE certification by focusing on automation skills. RHCE was the first Red Hat certification launched in 1999. 

Along with the skills gained as an RHCSA, RHCEs need to prove they can: 

  • Configure networking systems 
  • Format an iSCSI initiator
  • Deliver reports on system use 
  • Build simple RPMs 
  • Set kernel runtime parameters 
  • Configure systems to provide networking services 
  • Manage system logging 
  • Use shell scripting to automate tasks 

Red Hat Certified Architect (RHCA)

Considered the complete certificate in the program, RHCA is self-titled as the capstone certificate and provides an enterprise-level focus. The Red Hat Certified Architect was officially launched in the year 2005.

 The focuses of a candidate are: 

  • Application Platform: Skills with tasks commonly required for building and managing tools and applications. 
  • Datacenter: Skills with tasks that are common in an on-premises data centre.
  • DevOps: Skilful knowledge and practices that accelerate the applications and updates from development, building, and test processes onto production. 
  • Cloud: skills and knowledge for tasks common to cloud infrastructure. 
  • Application Development: Skills to develop architecture, enterprise application development, architecture, integration, etc. 

Red Hat Certified Virtualization Administrator (RHCVA)

IT professionals with this certification can: 

  • Install Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Manager 
  • Perform several vital management tasks within the system 
  • Spin up clusters, pools, data centres, templates, etc. 
  • Use Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Manager and configure hypervisors to support Linux platforms.

Nowadays, many businesses opt to virtualise their existing infrastructure as cloud products have become cheaper and easier to deploy. 

JBoss Certified Application Administrator (JBCAA)

JBCAA is a performance-based certification that handles the JBoss Enterprise Application Platform. The students necessarily have to pass EX248, a four-hour hands-on lab exam, to achieve the JBCAA certification. JBCAA was launched in September 2009, and there are no preconditions to appear for the exam. However, Red Hat recommends preparing for it by taking the four-day hacking course JB248 in JBoss application administration.

Get hands-on with the exam objectives and gain real-world experience for preparation to become a Red Hat Certified Professional. It is time to demonstrate your value to employers by becoming Red Hat certified. New Horizons, the world’s largest IT training company, provides Red Hat training courses to candidates trying to obtain their certifications. With real-world experience, you can join any Red Hat online training in preparation for your Red Hat certification.

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