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Double eyelids: Surgery and Other Procedures

The amount of wrinkles on the eyelid varies between individuals. Single eyelids (monolids) lack a crease. Single eyelids are recessive, which means that these genes are expressed less frequently than others. The existence of a crease on the eyelid is a sign of a double lid. Monolids are indeed determined by heredity, but it is also true that double eyelids may be achieved by surgery.

What are double eyelids?

You may not have heard anyone asking about “What are double eyelids “. Double eyelids are a condition in which the wrinkles between the upper and lower eyelids are apparent. Some people were born with no wrinkles between their upper and lower eyelids. A single lid, sometimes known as a monolid, is what you have here. There’s nothing wrong with either of them from a medical standpoint.

Some of the reasons why you might seek double eyelid surgery are as follows:

  • Your eyelids are interfering with your ability to see well.
  • You have one single eyelid and one double eyelid, and you’d want them to be the same colour as well.
  • Permanent wrinkles might assist in making your eyes look wider by drawing attention to them.
  • Certain types of makeup will be simpler to apply due to this.

Double eyelid blepharoplasty is performed on people all around the world. According to Trusted Source, it is the most popular type of cosmetic surgery in East Asia.

Types of Double Eyelid

Your surgeon will help you choose the optimal surgical approach for your needs, objectives, and recovery time. Your doctor may mention complete, partial, and non-incision incisions. To remove excess tissue from the eyelid, a cut is made along the eyelid. No big portions are cut or removed in partial incision operations. Without incision, tiny sutures along the lash line sculpt the lids.

Incision method:

An incision is made in the upper eyelid to remove tissue. This method is virtually painless, allows for more customisation, and eliminates wrinkles around the eyes. A scar may occur because the top eyelid skin is the thinnest body. Even if a scar exists, it can only be seen with closed eyes. Plastic surgeons conducting this treatment may utilise tiny stitches that dissolve in six to seven days.

Buried suture method:

 Your surgeon will produce tiny holes, three buried sutures an eyelid crease. A faster recovery period and no scar are advantages of this approach, although the double eyelids may fade with time and return to normal.

Beads method:

Six sutures are put through the eyelid and stabilised with beads to avoid cutting the skin. The sutures are removed a few days later when the scarring has established the double eyelid. The least invasive method causes significant inflammation, necessary to develop the double eyelid scar. This procedure has the most extended recovery due to postoperative swelling despite not requiring cutting.

Bottom Line

Double eyelids are a hereditary trait. Recessed single eyelids are more prevalent compared to double eyelids. Double eyelid surgery is quite frequent in Asian cultures. Eyelid surgery is solely cosmetic and might result in asymmetry or even eyesight loss. Do your research before choosing if double eyelid surgery is best for you.

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