Does hiring someone to do exams for me is legal or illegal?

In this fast-paced world, we all are struggling from one thing or another. When it comes to students, the dynamics of education and studies made a total shift in scenarios. Everyone is striving to give their best shot in exams but somehow failing miserably in it. There could be multiple reasons for not being able to do your own exam. If a person is hiring someone to do exams for me, trust me it is not always in the luxury of time or money.

Many students’ even professionals are struggling to ace in their exams. To have any sort of assessment in a difficult period of time has the potential to ruin one’s best effort that he put in the academic year. Everyone has a different and difficult life and the changes they face vary from person to person. No one is in the shoe of jugging an individual in their difficult struggling time. Therefore, plenty of people show empathy and understanding, in which they started offering online educational services.

People who have years of experience in the field of teaching or the ones who hold Ph.D. degrees either in a specific subject or in the field of education offer quality service for students. Because they were once in a position of a student that’s why they can resonate better.

What Is Academic Ghostwriting?

Academic ghostwriting is the writing of another person that you pay someone else to do your work and write your assignments, exams, or even to complete a course. It does not fall into the category of copying someone’s work.

Is It Legal Or Illegal?

There is this ongoing debate about, is it legal to hire someone else and pay them to do exams for me. In modern academia, the anonymity that is provided by ghostwriters is completely safe and it facilitates students by keeping their identities hidden and unknown, which leads to creating a huge marketplace of academic ghostwriting services.

Well, there are a plethora of opinions and perspectives about, is it legal or illegal. However, it totally depends on your country. There are several social and ethical laws for students in multiple institutes, in addition to that now there is a moral code of conduct as well. You have to check your rules and regulations depending on your country’s site. I mean you cannot get in trouble until or unless you get caught at it. Many states consider this as cheating and have implemented legalization to prevent academic ghostwriting. Nonetheless, there are states that did not confine a specific code or law against it.

Keep one thing in mind very clear!

Ghostwriting can be legal or illegal but plagiarism is considered illegal in any state or country. You cannot justify copying someone’s work and publishing it under your name without giving any source of credit to it. You can get in trouble by doing plagiarism, the probable consequences are; either you are going to get a penalty or might get a suspension. Always look forward to making conscious decisions.

What Would You Get In Return?

  • By hiring online exam service providers either through websites or by different platforms you will get to share an immense load with some other person.
  • You will get satisfactory results in return. As they are professionals and experts in academic writing you will get remarkable work in your exam.
  • As a matter of fact what else you can expect from an academic expert in terms of grades? They ensure that you will get top-notch grades and results.
  • Many online educational sites that provide do exams for me service, they will offer you full fledge free revision in case of unsatisfactory results or any kind of mishap.
  • Do exams for me cater multiple subjects so, you don’t have to worry about an individual subject or course. You can choose several subjects at the same time or hire them for an individual course, it totally depends on you and your preferences.
  • You don’t have to give your prized possessions. Hence, you get affordable rates.
  • In online exam services, you will have your identity hidden. The whole point of hiring a ghostwriter is that the identity is kept hidden by all means.
  • Most of the time many sites that do exams for me offer a money-back guarantee. Just to give a sense of security to a customer if exams results were poor and a revision can’t be made then you can ask for your money back. Because nobody needs to suffer from two losses at the same time.
  • Prompt response is the conclusive reason for many students to pay someone for their exam. Finding timely assistance is a treasure in itself.
  • A fine line of customer service is expected from the hands of experts and you should steer clear in this regard from those service providers.


In the end, all it comes to the circumstances of the situation in which you are forced or obliged to hire and pay someone else to do exams for me. Just stay clear with the laws and different codes of conduct and keep an open eye on rules and regulations of the current state you are living in and of course about the institute as well. Everything has its pros and cons so does ghostwrite. Make sure to observe and cross-check the credibility of a website or any individual to avoid any sort of scam.

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