Do you have low self-esteem?

Self-esteem is one’s perception of their self. Having high self-esteem is not narcissism, but it is an acknowledgment of your abilities; just as you give others love, you bestow such on yourself as well.

However, self-esteem is not taught to everyone. On the contrary, people might actively erode your self-esteem, reducing your confidence in your abilities.

People who have low self-esteem and self-confidence suffer from major setbacks in their lives. It makes them vulnerable to abuse by people. They do not think they are worthy of love and respect.

Furthermore, self-esteem problems also cause people to suffer from mental health issues as well. It poses hurdles in their growth, preventing them from reaching their true potential.

Hence, it is important to note if you have self-esteem and self-confidence issues so that you can identify and remedy them.

Signs of low self-esteem

Little control over their life

Another sign that you have low self-esteem is when you are not in control of your life. You do not make decisions pertaining to you, but at the same time, you do not think that you can make any change to your life as well.

Furthermore, those with low self-esteem also perceive themselves to be powerless in situations.

Constant worry

As low self-esteem causes people to doubt themselves, therefore, they are constantly worried as they do not consider themselves competent enough to face situations.


Trouble making decisions

Due to a lack of faith in their capabilities, people with low self-esteem have a tough time making decisions. They keep doubting themselves, second-guessing their decisions, and seeking reassurances from others regarding their decisions.

Low self-confidence

Feeling jitters and anxiety every time, you step in front of people is understandable, but low self confidence is a different ballgame. It leads to reduced faith in your abilities, not walking into situations with confidence that you will overcome them, and not being able to rely on yourself to solve things. Low self-confidence then leads to poor self-esteem.

Inability to take compliments

People with low self-esteem also have low confidence in their abilities, they do not consider themselves worthy of any compliments that they might be getting. They might about the sincerity of the words of others, or think they were fibbing.

 Negative outlook

Low self-esteem and confidence in their abilities also make people bitter. They do not think they can improve their lives. They also consider themselves doomed to failure, so they feel hopeless.

Trouble asking for things

Another sign of low self-esteem is that people cannot ask for things from others. One aspect is that they do not consider themselves worthy of bothering others.

The other aspect is that they feel embarrassed about asking others. Their complexes are fed into. They start to feel even more incompetent.

Terrible fear of failure

As there is a lack of confidence in their abilities, people with low self-esteem tend to have a fear of failure, one that is often crippling. They do not take the leap of faith in attempts to protect themselves, as the only possible outcome, in their head, is failure.

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