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About Confluence Software

Confluence software is known in the project management market for its prowess as a project management software. The features in this software are well designed and made essentially for taking care of your work so that everything runs smoothly. In this day and age, where project management software are an essential part of work-life because of their ability to allow you and your team to work remotely, it is imperative that you invest in software that gives you the maximum amount of benefit. 

In this piece, we will be outlining various features in Confluence software and help you determine whether this software would be the right fit for your project management needs. If you are currently in the market for a new project management software and are eyeing Confluence for your needs, then keep reading to figure out once and for all whether this software is the one for you! 

Confluence Software Top Features 

Templates for your Ease 

The templates feature in Confluence software makes it so much easier to plan your projects than before. The software allows you to look through various templates available on the software so that you can eventually end up on an option that is suitable for you and your needs. The templates are robust and all you will need to do is populate them with the details of your project. You will save so much time that you might have previously spent figuring out the layout of your own template and placing various details about your projects in various places. All of your worries about designing a project template will fade away with the wonderful feature in Confluence! 

Comments Feature 

The comments feature in Confluence software is another winning feature we need to mention! This feature makes collaboration between you and your team as easy as it can be. This is because when you make tasks in Confluence, your team members can also view them and leave comments in which they can give ideas, feedback and check your ideas for you. It makes it so much easier to collaborate this way since now once you have completed a task you do not need to specifically email it to colleagues and set a time for feedback via meetings but everything can be done on the software itself and you can sit back and relax!


Analytics is very important when you are managing any project because having a strict eye on your work analyzing your output makes your performance much better than before. The analytics feature in Confluence software is worth the Confluence pricing on its own. This feature gives you an accurate timeline for when a project will be completed. It looks at your work output and analyzes whether efficiency is being maximized or whether you need to make changes and increase your speed and output for better efficiency!  


The notifications feature is another feature in this software that makes it popular among users. A lot of Confluence reviews talk about this feature because of the convenience and greater efficiency it brings to their business. This feature essentially sends notifications for any updates, deadlines, and more. Because you are notified about an upcoming deadline or a comment you were tagged in, you are essentially able to keep on top of your work which is very important when it comes to being efficient! 

Version History 

Another feature we feel we must mention for Confluence software is the version history feature which is often needed but seldom talked about. This feature helps you to revisit any changes made to your project and alerts you to who made these changes and when. So if you for example made some changes which were not appreciated by your superior, then you can simply restore the project to its previous version which your manager liked more! This is incredibly helpful and makes things so much easier to handle.  

Confluence Pricing 

Confluence pricing is another concern you might have. Before you purchase software you need to know whether you have the budget for it! The software costs about $10 for its basic version and the most expensive premium versions cost about $30. The more you pay for the software, the more features you are able to unlock! 

The pricing for the software is average for what you would pay for a mid-tier project management software. Of course, there are free software out there too but the features you can access with them are several limited which is why we highly recommend you check out Confluence at least once! 

Is Confluence Right for Your Business

Now we come to the all-important question; is Confluence software right for your business in particular? We suggest that you make a list of features you would want. You can make this list according to aspects in your business you need help with and then go from there. Once you have this list you will have a better idea of what you are looking for. You can then compare the things you need help with, with the features in Confluence software and determine based on that whether software will be right for you! 

We also suggest you read as many detailed Confluence review by long-time users of the software. This will help you figure out whether the software is liked by users or not and if the payoff for the software, in the long run, is worth the cost! 

And finally, we suggest asking for a Confluence demo or a trial from the vendor to see if you can work with the software easily. This will help you make a final decision more easily since you will have firsthand experience with the software and can base your decision on this as well! 

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