Complete Guide to LG Refrigerators

The advent of refrigerators changed the way people eat their food around the world. It is an essential household appliance that makes our lives much easier. Today, there are several types of refrigerators available from a plethora of brands. If you have ever wondered how a refrigerator functions, you’ve come to the right place. 

Having a basic knowledge of how your appliance works can be helpful in maintaining it in the best condition. Additionally, you will know what to do in case your fridge breaks down or needs repairs. Read on to find out the basic working of your LG fridge.

Basic Principles of Refrigeration

There is a principle at work on which refrigerators run. When two objects of varying temperatures come into contact with each other, the colder surface warms up and the hotter surface cools down. A refrigerator must maintain a low temperature inside the storage space in order to stop the reproduction rate of harmful bacteria and keep the food fresh.

A fridge transfers heat from inside to outside, making its exterior feel hot. When you place your hand on the backside of a fridge close to the metal pipes, you will feel the warmth that it emits. Some of the best selling LG refrigerators come with top-notch construction with high-quality parts, making them fairly resistant to overheating.

Refrigerators work on a simple principle to keep our food and groceries fresh for extended durations of time. When you compress gases into low volume, their temperature increases since you have to use energy and push their energetic molecules together. 

On the other hand, expanding a gas allows it to occupy larger amounts of volume.

Refrigeration Cycle

The refrigeration cycle can be explained easily in a few steps:

  1. The refrigerant vapour is constricted by the compressor, which increases its temperature and pressure.

  2. The hot gas in the coils of the condenser comes in contact with the cooler air of the room, converting it into a liquid.

  3. The refrigerant is now a liquid under high pressure, which gets cooler as it passes through the expansion valve into the evaporator coils inside the fridge.

  4. Absorbing the heat inside the fridge during its passage through the evaporator coils, the refrigerant cools the air circulating inside the fridge.

  5. Finally, the refrigerant undergoes evaporation and converts into gas thanks to the rise in temperature. Then it flows back to the compressor and this cycle repeats itself over and over again.

How Refrigerators Keep it Cool

Refrigerators circulate the refrigerant inside their storage units and change its form from liquid to gas. This process of evaporation, in turn, lowers the temperature of the area in its surroundings and creates cooling inside the unit. Evaporation always produces a cooling effect, helping your fridge to maintain low temperatures. 

For this process of evaporation to take place, the refrigerator must decrease the pressure on the refrigerant through the capillary tube, which is an outlet for your fridge. 

The second part of the process starts now. This is where the compressor comes in, which returns the gaseous refrigerant to its liquid state. Thus, the compressor needs to compress the gas to a higher temperature and pressure again.

Now, the condenser cools the gas, so the inside of the fridge can be cooled as it circulates throughout. Once the high-pressure gas gets cooler inside the condenser, it converts into a liquid. After this, the liquid refrigerant is circulated to the evaporator where the process starts all over again.

Important Points to Remember

While purchasing a refrigerator, there are a few important points that you need to remember.

  • Purchase the refrigerator according to the number of people living in the household. Don’t buy a refrigerator with lower capacity than required, or go overboard with the capacity
  • Ensure that the LG fridge is energy-efficient. 
  • Buy a model that comes with an inverter compressor (smart or linear) if possible

In conclusion, refrigerators work by evaporating and condensing refrigerant gas so it can cool the air that circulates inside the storage compartments. The gas absorbs the heat in the fridge in order to maintain the temperature.

 Now that you know how your LG fridge works, you can understand how to use it in a way that maximises efficiency and increases its lifespan.

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