Common challenges dual-career couples face

Having a career with marriage and family life is hard, but not having one is also not an option in most cases. While some people want to have a career for the sake of their identity and purpose in life, others must to make the ends meet.

Dual-career couples face a lot of challenges, which naturally have a grave impact on their relationships, meriting then the need for online couples counselling. Some common challenges that dual-career couples face include:

Ignoring the emotional aspect of matters

Often, matters that affect the family are resolved with the aid of understanding the financial implications of the decision; for example, the partner whose job pays less is more disposable.

However, focusing merely on the financial and thus practical side of things is not a viable approach, as it fails to account for the emotional health of the stakeholders. You do not live with money, you live with your family, and you need to be considerate of them. And when the focus is on money alone, it can pave way for resentment, relationship issues, perpetually absent partners, etc.

Relocation and commute issues

The issue of relocation and traveling is a common one that affects dual-career relationships. In the case of the former, unless the job is available remotely, the other partner is forced to sacrifice their job. In the case of traveling, looking after the children then becomes a great issue. Odd hours alongside also leave little to no family time.

Financial discrepancy

Another challenge is the financial discrepancy between the incomes of the partners, and its impact then on the relationship. If one partner makes a lot more than the other, they consider themselves to have a greater stake in the relationship. They also might then trivialize the career of their partner.

Often, high-paying jobs are also very demanding, so it also then leads to a chronically absent partner. All these factors can then jeopardize the relationship.

Issues pertaining to children

Dual-career couples with children face a greater set of challenges. They need more effective time management skills. There is also greater guilt about making children go to daycare. Managing school runs and extracurricular activities also gets more challenging. When school is off, working parents also then have to either take time off work or seek help from friends and family.

When parents have demanding jobs, they cannot be there for their children, who do not react well to their absence. Balancing work and domestic life then become extremely difficult.


Many people have to be perpetually at work; some jobs involve high stakes, and others involve constant communication. So, work becomes a 24/7 chore, which can then make partners unavailable to each other.

Dealing with the challenges

Just because it is challenging does not mean that you become demotivated and give up. There are ways that you can deal with these challenges, including consulting experts to deal with relationship issues, and getting counsel for their careers from a career coach in Dubai. You can visit Fitcy Health to get help from over 200 professionals, available at competitive rates.

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