5 Best YouTube to MP3 Converter For 2022 (Free and Online)

By the end of 2019, youtube had 18 million registered subscribers. And these numbers keep growing. By 2020 the YouTube channel was making 30 million registered subscribers. These numbers are an indication that every day, the popularity of youtube keeps growing and making a record. According to the latest news, 81% of the American youth population sees youtube videos.

But youtube has some stringent rules and regulations for its viewers, like the regulations of the copyright rules. This is why you are often seeing the uploaded videos getting deleted as they are violating the youtube norms and protocols. So what is the best way to save the youtube videos? Simply download it and convert it into an MP3. And this is the easiest solution to save your videos on your PC or handheld devices.

5 Best YouTube to MP3 Free Online Converter For 2022

When you are searching for free youtube to MP3 online converters, you will get hundreds of different choices. But among this long list of choices, very few are safe and secure.

Here are the five best safe youtube to MP3 free online converters for you.

1. YTD Video Downloader 

These are simple tools that have the latest features. This is the reason for the modern concert this converter has with global populations.


In 2022 the YTD video downloader is making such an advanced development and designing an ultimate converter that can fulfill modern-day youtube viewers’ requirements.

Here are some of the key features of the YTD video downloader. 

  • You can download it in any format and then convert it and convert videos into different formats.
  • Advanced panel features let you download different videos simultaneously and then convert them.
  • All the converted videos are HD quality.
  • You can download the videos from different sites like Daily motions, Facebook, and YouTubes.
  • You will get the free email support and paid plan offer for batch downloading.

2. UniConverter

Wondershare is the manufacturing company of the Uniconverter. You can download the videos in any format. For any type of device, you can start downloading from any site.


Youtube is not the final one. Apart from Youtube, when you have many other platform choices from where you want to download, you can use the Uniconvertor.

Here are some of the key features of Uniconveter.

  • Along with the converter, you will get a powerful DVD toolkit that promises faster and easy downloading.
  • You will get additional optimized video tools and video compressors, image converters, and screen recorders.
  • This converter is highly customizable, gives you better flexibility, and has advanced editing features.

3. Snap Downloader

Snapdownloader is one of the covenant, innovative MP3 converters for youtube videos. These converters deliver some of the highest quality audio files. You will get multiple additional tools for downloaded video editing along with the videos.


Want to edit your downloaded videos? Read through the key features of the Snap downloader and know why it is the best selection for you.

  • Automatic video to audio conversions is possible. You will get an entirely automatic process.
  • You can download the videos also from the publishers and then convert them.
  • This single tool is compatible with more than 900 different feature platforms.
  • The tool has built-in youtube searching features. Also, you can start downloading the videos with simply a single click.
  • You can download the 8k files and get 24 hours of available customer support.
  • You can start downloading more than 15 files, and all downloads are just going to run simultaneously.

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4. A Tube Catcher 

A very few options are available for beginner users. And among this list, you must add the A tube catcher in the top positions. With this converter, you can save the computer resources, and this resource is entirely suitable for beginners and expert-level users. 


A tube catcher is a pretty convenient tool for beginners. Just check out the key features and understand the reason for the platform’s popularity.

  • The A tube catcher is a multi-device compatible youtube converter. That means the iPad, GPS, and cellphones are nothing that can be the barrier.
  • The tool can convert the videos into different formats like MP2, GIF, and WAV.
  •  Multi-languages compatibility is coming with the converter.
  • The converter comes with a built-in screen recorder and helps to capture the on-screen videos.
  • You can simply convert the videos and chat history from Windows live messages and the webinars.
  • You can download the videos with the batch downloading and then add these videos to your playlists.

5. YTMP3 

YTMP3 is one of the following popular tools compatible with multiple devices. Hence this converter is pretty famous for its innovative features. For example, you can edit or modify your downloaded files.


Here are the key features of this conversion tool. Have a look at these and know how this conversion tool improves your conversational experiences.

  • Multiformat supporting features are the key advantages of this tool. You can convert any format files and convert them into MP3 and MP4 formats.
  • This tool promises a higher quality of the converted files.
  • The tool offers higher conversions and faster 2 minutes downloading speed.
  • The user interface is simple and easy to understand, but this tool is only suitable for personal use.


All of these five MP3 converters are still now the best online selections. If you are searching for suitable MP3 converters capable of fulfilling your downloading and editing requirements, You can easily select one from this list. So which are you going to choose? Do not forget to share your experiences in the comment sections.

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