Best Tools to Speed up Hard Drives

A hard drive is the most important component of your computer. It has large storage options where you can keep your data and sensitive information. Hard drives are the sources of quick retrieval of files and computer programs, whether you have a modern or older computer system. There are a wide variety of hard drives, including WD2001FYYG-23SL3W1, HDD2712, and Intel HDDs that work faster. But they work slowly over time. 

Luckily, you can boost your computer’s hard drive using the best tools. So, let’s jump right in.

Best Tools to Boost Your Hard Drive Performance

Finding tools to boost your hard drive’s performance can be quite an arduous thing to do, as you need to be very tech-specific. You need to have in-depth knowledge of how things work and know which gear is the best to have in your toolbox.

Below, we have curated a list of tools that will surely work and solve your hard drive issues. 

  1. Windows Optimize Drives

One of the best hard drives optimizing tools is Windows optimize drives. The tool is designed to solve all your HDD-related problems. Your system can be examined for defragmentation faults, and any flaws it discovers can be fixed.

It ought to already be operating on a schedule without an input, unless you changed any of the parameters. 

  1. Tap on Start 
  2. Go to Windows Administrative Tools 
  3. Select “Defragment and Optimize Drives” to scan for issues.

If you wish to perform an analysis or an optimization, select the HDD you need to fix, then click on “Analyze” or “Optimize.” Click on the “Change” options and choose “Run” to confirm that the scheduling is configured properly.

  • Windows Device Manager

If you are a Windows user, then Device Manager might not be new to you. Device Manager is used to boost the read and write speeds of hard drivers such as HDD2152 internal hard drive. While its write cache feature enables your system to cache data before writing it to the hard drive, in this way, your CPU will be able to save data in the cache more quickly. Hence, your hard drive’s performance gets better than before. 

How you can do is:

  1. Press “Win + x” to open a quick menu.
  2. select “Drive manager”. 
  3. Search for “Disk Drive”.
  4. Tap on the arrow.
  5. Select the drive you want to change and right-click it.
  6. Then go to “Properties” from the top pop-up menu
  7. Select “Policies”.
  8. Check the “Enable Write Caching on the device” box 

Here you go with your high-performance 69Y5034 hard drive!

3.  Disk SpeedUp

An external tool called Disk SpeedUp can increase the speed of an HDD. Any drives linked to your computer will be examined, defragmented, and optimized.

Compared to the standard Windows program, it offers a few more functions. For instance, after the defragmentation procedure is finished, Disk SpeedUp can turn your computer off automatically. You may turn it on just before going to bed so that you wake up to a brand-new computer.

In addition, Disk SpeedUp’s aesthetics surpass those of the Windows program. There are more graphs and data to explore on the defrag map, which is also more understandable.

According to user reports, Disk SpeedUp is quicker than the Windows program. Of course, results may vary.

4. IOBit Advanced SystemCare

The maintenance of a “clean” system is crucial to giving your hard disk drive a much-needed boost. This demands constant attention to temporary files, careful monitoring of random-access memory (RAM) and CPU utilization, and rigorous registry maintenance.

IOBit Advanced SystemCare is a tool that can carry out all those hard disk drive optimization activities. Both free and premium versions are offered. All the features we have described are available in the free edition. Deeper registry cleaning, real-time monitoring, browser optimization, and system boot optimization are all included in the premium edition.

5. BleachBit

BleachBit is a third-party tool you can use to improve your computer’s hard drive performance. The program deletes unused files to make disk space available and gets rid of clutter like cookies and cache. It functions somewhat like a drive cleaner.

If you’re curious how this differs from Windows Device Manager, we’ve mentioned it below:

  • Both specialized program cleanups and general cleanups are available through the software.
  • It offers deep scanning options for finding trash files
  • Pop-up notifications will appear for cleaning up and deleting files

6. Razer Cortex

Check out Razer Cortex if you’re wondering how to accelerate a hard drive even further. The tool is specially made for gamers who want to get the most out of their hardware. You can get more frames per second and speed up game loading with its aid.

There are two sections of the hard disk drive optimizer: the System booster and the Game booster. They work together to increase HDD performance for all users.

The tool’s system section will clear out garbage files, browser history, and the system’s cache. The gaming section will defragment game files as long as they’re on a hard drive rather than a solid-state drive, optimize your system’s settings for gaming, and turn off background processes that could slow down a game.

7.  Windows Disk Management

Disk Management is the ultimate built-in Windows tool that can increase a hard disk’s speed and effectiveness. Your disks can be repartitioned with it.

It is the most frequently forgotten strategy to speed up a hard drive: use more partitions. In general, your data is more organized the more partitions you employ. As a result, read times are shortened because the head of an HDD doesn’t have to travel as far to retrieve the data.

The steps listed below can be used to repartition a hard drive using Disk Management:

  1. Right-click on the Start menu.
  2. Choosing “Disk Management” will launch the tool.
  3. Right-click the “Shrink Volume”.
  4. Click right on the empty space, then select “New Simple Volume”.
  5. You can decide on the new volume’s size.
  6. Choose the New volume’s drive letter.
  7. For the new volume, pick a file system.
  8. Select Finish.

8. Ashampoo WinOptimizer

Ashampoo WinOptimizer is another program that can improve the health of hard disks. The app is known to be the “Swiss army for your computer”

It may schedule maintenance and optimization operations, search for junk files, repair corrupt registry entries, and clear your browser’s cookies to improve your HD’s performance. The program provides user-controlled repairs as well as one-click fixes.

You can add different modules to the program on your own. There are various options you can go for, including, service management, startup tuning, process tuning, privacy tuning, and many other things.

The Bottom Line

Now your computer or laptop will be working fine, right? Since we have enlisted top-notch hard drive fixing tools, you need to learn about these tech solutions. Learning how to fix your windows 10 hard drive will not only help in repairing your hard drive yourself, but you can help your friends with a brand-new hard drive. 

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