10 Best Mobile App Analytics Tools For Your Business

Having your mobile app is not just an option but a necessity in the competitive market online.

Mobile phones have contributed to increasing connectivity to every possible level. Both consumers and developers want data to be accessible anywhere and everywhere.

And this has forced organizations to switch from their old working style to the era of enterprise applications. Everything from teaching platforms to game-making software and eCommerce to the healthcare market has now accepted the fact that apps can be the best solution to increase reach.

The development of an application can take months of hard work in getting the work done. But once the app is ready to use App Analytics Tools comes into the picture. Without knowing your customers you will never know how to improve and increase your user experience. 

For every business small or big generating high revenue is the key which is possible by increasing sales. If your business provides a product or service for some specific section of customers, it is important to identify and reach them. These app analytics tools can help you get there. 

To ensure the success of your app you need real-time data that displays the behavior of users. 

These tools study the different aspects and deliver the performance metric for your application.

Before we talk about the best mobile app analytics tools, let us first understand the meaning of mobile analytics tools

What are Mobile App Analytics Tools? 

These tools allow companies to track user behavior and in-app sessions. They provide all the details related to app downloads, views, time spent on the app, and other user activities.

This data can be useful to find out the popularity of a specific feature or product in a region. This demographic data helps you reframe your strategy and increase your user base. 

These analytics tools can provide app analytics and digital analytics. The in-app analytics can help you fix the problems on the backend or your User Interface. Whereas digital analytics helps in optimizing strategies for better ranking and successful marketing.  It helps in-app optimization.

Tool for KPIs Analyze

With a large number of tools available make sure you choose the tool that provides an overview of the following KPIs

  • The penetration percentage of the app means the number of active users. This can help you identify your performance in acquiring customers
  • Most frequent and least frequent screen launches of your app. This can help you find out the best and worst-performing screens which can help you fix the ones which are not performing well.
  • The KPIs allow you to find out which are the best performing menu items and which need to be worked upon. This can also give you insights into customer requirements which can include adding new menu items to the list.
  • The behavior of app users. Information like app versions used by them, age, region, interests, etc. 
  • The journey of users within the app can help you identify their end goal and what steps should be taken to optimize their journey. 
  • For any mobile app user completes one task to move to the next one in the stack. This funnel of conversion can help you understand the authentication process, various stages, and touchpoints.
  • Data is fuel for all organizations and these analytics provide real-time data.

Types Of Mobile Analytics Tools:

The Mobile App analytics tools can be classified into the following 3 categories depending upon the information provided by them:

  • Marketing Analytics Tools: Provides information related to the ranks of apps in the app store and other SEO-specific data. This data can be used to target specific audiences in your marketing campaigns and advertisements.
  • In-app Analytics Tools: Provides information related to key performance indicators.
  • App performance Analytic tools: Provides the basic information on working of your apps such as uptime, crashes, transactions, and exceptional errors.

Top 10 Mobile App Analytics Tools For Your Business

As we understood what mobile app analytics tools are, here are the best 10 such tools to be integrated into your applications:

1. Google Analytics for Mobile apps:

You must be aware of Google Analytics, it has extended its platform for mobile app users and provides complete insights to its users. It’s available for both Android and iOS. 

It has a premium version for enterprises but the basic version is available for free.

Google Analytics provides the following data:

  • Geological location of users
  • User behavior
  • Monitors events
  • Analysis of conversion rates
  • Alpha-beta testing
  • Visualization of data

2. Countly:

It allows you to measure the effectiveness of your app on the basis of user experience. Also It identifies the good and bad segments of your app. It is available on Android, iOs, and Windows. 

The tool offers the following data:

  • Time by the users
  • The event that the user served
  • Automatically generated push notifications.
  • Session timings
  • Cohorts and Conversion funnels

3. Flurry Analytics:

It is similar to countly and provides a real-time user experience. It provides analytics to users’ behavior via observing data.

Flurry is owned by Yahoo and works on multiple platforms such as Windows, iOs, Android,  Mobile web browsers, etc. 

It’s available free of cost for users.

It provides the following set of data:

  • Demographic details of audience and their persona
  • Information on the device used by the user
  • Length of sessions
  • Frequency and Retention

4. Facebook Analytics:

Facebook is a pro when it comes to collecting data. The analytics provided by Facebook are real-time. 

It is available for Android and iOS platforms.

It’s available free of cost for its users.

Facebook Analytics provides the following information:

  • Notifications generated  on the basis of users behavior
  • Real-time demographics of users
  • Top customers
  • Trends
  • Funnels
  • Cohorts

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5. Amazon Analytics:

 It provides reports about users’ in-app activities. It is available for both iOS and Android.

The report provides the following data:

  • Daily and monthly active users of the app
  • Newly joined users
  • Tracking events
  • Number of sessions per user

6. Localytics: 

It provides all the data required for marketing and targeting customers. The data provided by Localytics can help you reach your potential customers and build strong relationships with them. 

It is available on Android, iOS, Blackberry, and Windows phones. 

The data provided by Localytics is:

  • Alpha-beta testing
  • The version of App used
  • Profiles of user
  • Tracking of events and attributes

7. App Annie:

It is a marketplace-based application that gives you an overview of what is happening in your store. With its understanding, it integrates all the analytics and gives a comprehensive view of your business. 

It is available on iOS and Android platforms. 

App Annie provides the following data:

  • Marketing insights
  • Trends

8. Fabric: 

It provides the best software development kits for the analytics of mobile apps. 

Fabric is available on Android and is the best analytics tool for iOS.

It is owned by Google and is available for free.

It offers the following data analytics:

  • Crash reporting
  • Payment tracks
  • Reports on growth
  • Segmented user base
  • Tracks event

9. Firebase:

It is owned by Google and is available for both Android and iOS. The firebase analytics tool also provides an infrastructure for building your app

It provides the following:

  • Time spent by the user
  • Behavior of user
  • Crash reporting
  • Revenue 
  • Segmentation of audience

10. Mixpanel:

It provides the best analytical solutions if you have a newly launched application. It is available for free but a premium version is available for additional features. 

Mixpanel is available for both iOS and Android.

Mixpanel provides the following data:

  • Event tracking
  • Real-time data
  • Behavior of user
  • Account creation
  • Purchases

Conclusion: Top Mobile App Analytics Tools

You have an idea, you create an application and upload it on Play Store or App Store. Some users download it and some purchase it. But to analyze your customers and expand your customer base you will require these analytics tools. 

No matter how good the app is if it fails to reach the potential audience the whole effort goes in vain. So it is necessary to pick the right tools and define the right strategy for your app.

There can be no one best analytics app for your business as this varies according to the requirements. However, the above-listed 10 tools can help you to increase your return on investment and grow your business.

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