A Mesmerising Experience Andharban Trek

As the name says Andharban is in the Marathi language means Dark forest. The mesmerizing trek between the dense forest is the best thing to do in the monsoon. The specific feature of this trek is nothing but the whole trek is descending in nature and situated in the Sahyadri forest. In monsoon season the whole trek is covered with the mist and you will spot many cascading falls throughout the trek. People usually do this trek in the nighttime and have a stunning view of Kundalika valley. You will also observe the   thick foliage in this area which has a rich biodiversity. This place is an evergreen place in monsoon season.

Quick Overview

Location: Pimpri in Tamhini Ghat, Maharashtra

Altitude: 2160 feet

Trek time: Approx 5 hours (13 km)

Difficulty Level: Easy

Best Time for Trek

The best time to do this trek is preferably pre-monsoon or monsoon or right at monsoon that is in June to September are the best months to enjoy the beauty of this trek. But if you are planning to visit in October to January then also it’s a better time to visit as the forest goes denser and has a winter mist with chilled weather that makes this place more mystical.

How To Reach

The trek will start from the small Pimpri Village in Maharashtra

By Road: Once you reach Lonavala it is just 50 km from Pimpri village. So you can take a cab or bus to Lonavala from here you can reach Pimpri by private bus or cab. If you are coming straight from Mumbai then you can hire a driver or get a self-drive car. Those who are not coming from Mumbai but from other cities can directly reach Pune and from there one can hire a private or cab to reach Pimpri village.

By Rail: There are many trains which take off from Mumbai to Lonavala and Pune. The most convenient options to reach are Pune Intercity or Deccan Express. If you are coming from the north region then try Hazarat Nizamuddin Express. Most trains that are coming from the south have a halt at Pune.

By Flight: One can catch a flight to Pune from any major city as all the cities are well connected to Pune.

Route for Trek

One can hire a local guide from the village to guide you for the trekking route. To get the best experience of the Andharban trek the trek should start in the early morning. The initial part of the trek will be completely through a dense forest and have many water streams throughout. You will also enjoy the backwater of Bira Dam. This beautiful path will lead you to the top of the adjoining wall of Pimpri Dam and then open you to an open area wherein ahead several poppy fields are there.

Enjoy the magnificent views of Kundalika valley here. Eventually, you will enter a dark forest here. Have a refreshment break at Bhirdi village. Then the descent begins towards the Konkan route.

Return Journey

After crossing the river you will reach Patnus village. Here you will find many eateries and lodges where you can get refresh and have a one-night stay. Otherwise, you can directly proceed to Pune, Lonavala, or Mumbai.

Nearby Attractions

While doing the Andharban trek one can enjoy many other nearby spots such as Tamhini Ghat, Rafting at Kundalika River, Lavasa, and Lonavala. These are places where you can enjoy the scenic beauty of nature and have a wonderful time with friends and family. 

One should definitely plan this decent trek majorly if you are a beginner in Monsoon season preferably. This trail will be filled with many other activities apart from the trek don’t forget to visit nearby places on the journey. Also, carry all the trekking essentials and safety gear. Enjoy the beauty of Sahyadri at its best while trekking on Andharban. Even the night trek is very much a unique experience as a trekker.

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