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7 Clever Ways to Repurpose Your Old iPad.

7 Clever Ways to Repurpose Your Old iPad.

7 Clever Ways to Repurpose Your Old iPad.

Every year Apple rolls out a new version of its iPad that is more alluring than its previous version in terms of technology and appearance. People who are gadget freaks get the urge to possess the latest version without delay, stating various reasons justifying their need to replace the old iPad with a new one.


Some state the need to upgrade to the latest technology, while others are smitten by the various new features available in the new iPad. Whatever may be the reason for upgrading to the newest version, the emotional connection that a person shares with his old device does not allow him to let go of his mate of all times; 

We at Mobi Garage justify. 

This feeling of attachment with his old iPad will give him valuable suggestions that will enable him to utilise his old iPad to derive utility from it. While we provide our customers with excellent deals by making refurbished phones available to them at affordable prices through our portal, 

we also provide them with some valuable advice regarding the devices they are proud owners of. Here are some clever ways to repurpose your old iPad and go ahead and buy the latest iPad model without nursing any guilt feeling.

Convert your used iPad to the extra monitor you intended to get- 

Planning to buy a sleek and expensive touchscreen monitor but not arranging for the funds needed? No worries if you have an old iPad at your disposal. You can turn your old iPad into the required monitor by using a simple app and an efficient Wi-Fi connection. Air Display works with a free desktop client, which is available for both PC and Mac with the help of a Wi-Fi connection to turn your old iPad into an excellent monitor.

Wi-Fi connection to quickly set up

Install the desktop client and the iPad app and connect them to the same Wi-Fi connection to quickly set up the Air Display. Air display acts just like a second monitor does- you can use the iPad’s touchscreen to tap-to-click, or you can adjust the position in the Display Setting menu and mirror the desktop.

 Mount your iPad in your car as a medium of infotainment-

Utilise your old iPad for entertainment or get information by getting it mounted in your vehicle.

You can have your iPad mounted in your car at two selective places; one is in the front, where the driver can utilise it to look up addresses, play music, gather information about the prevailing weather conditions and watch videos or movies. For this, you need an assorted mount that attaches to various parts of your car; the windshield, the side rail or the passenger seat. But our team at does not consider it appropriate as the distraction caused by the positioned iPad may be unsafe for the driver.

TFY Car Headrest Mount Holder

If you want your iPad mounted on the back of a seat, the TFY Car Headrest Mount Holder is the best option. It holds your iPad firmly around any headrest so that the passengers in the back seat can enjoy any particular type of entertainment during the travelling process.

Reading purpose in the Gym-

For people who love reading, Kindle and other E-reading tools are a pleasure to the eye with their electronic-ink screen and welcome physical books, mainly when used while in the Gym. But digital versions do not appeal to people who love vibrant and colourful magazines with attractive detailing. The iPad is ideal on the treadmill as you do not require flipping pages as you read along, and an iPad fits beautifully on an elliptical stand.

 News dashboard-

Mount your iPad on a stand in your bedroom or kitchen slab, and you can be updated about whatever is happening around the world while you get ready to leave for work or prepare your meals before leaving for the office. Your iPad might be outdated to run the latest games, but with the induction of an app like Status board, your iPad can provide you with the latest news, weather reports, or your assignments jotted on your calendar.

Old iPad –new kitchen tablet-

Use your old iPad as a dedicated kitchen tablet because you can easily download all your favourite cooking apps. have it mounted on a wall, or place it on a stand on the kitchen slab. You can quickly swipe through recipes without having to fumble with the cookbook’s pages. Just make sure to have the device covered by a good screen protector, or you will end up having it marinated with oil and flour.

Useful for children-

You can gift your old iPad to your children so that they can play games on it, read stories at bedtime and watch educative videos on it. But before you hand them your iPad, make it childproof by erasing all of your personal information, enclosing it in a drop-proof case and enabling the iPads parental controls so that your child may not access things that he should not.

Control everything in your home-

Using a popular universal remote control app such as iRule, you can control everything from your garage to your home entertainment system to your lights and shades by connecting your iPad with a Wi-Fi connection and some specially designed hardware that converts Wi-Fi signal into various types of controls.

Mobigarage Refurbished mobile Phone company India

If you presume you need to change your old iPad, you can trade it for a new or refurbished iPad. You can get a big discount on your next purchase by sending it back to Apple Store in Apple’s trade-in program. Similarly, you can buy a Refurbished Mobile through by selling your old iPhone with the help of our team at Mobi Garage.       

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