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5 Major Google Ads updates

The digital marketing industry is constantly changing. Strategies, forums and tools are constantly evolving, and Google Ads are. After all, Google Ads, formerly known as AdWords, changed in the summer of 2018.

If you still call it AdWords, you are not alone. It is difficult to break old habits. Of course, the new name is not the only major change you need to know in the paid search world.

Here are five great Google Ads updates that you should be aware of.

  1. AdWords becomes Google Ads:

Well, I have already mentioned this review, but here are the facts. In June 2018, Google announced several major changes. Change from

“AdWords” was part of Google’s largest brand redesign. Google AdWords has become Google Ads, DoubleClick and Google Analytics 360 have become Google Marketing Platforms, and DoubleClick Publishers and Ad Exchange have become Google Ad Manager.

Google explained that these updates represent “any advertising opportunity” they offer. However, we are still accustomed to AdWords.

  1. Updated user interface:

For months, Google Ads (formerly known as AdWords) were testing new user interactions in beta. In July 2018, they began permanently moving their accounts to a new interface.

As of 2019, all paid search accounts have a new interface. Even if it takes practice, a new visual interface has obvious advantages. It looks better than before and includes a beautiful dashboard that gives you a quick and easy way to understand the effectiveness of your campaign.

Views all include information about clicks, conversions, costs, click-through rates, top ad groups, devices, keywords, and more. The new interface is also faster and offers better keyword recommendations and other ways to improve your campaign.

  1. Responsive Search Advertising (RSA):

In May 2018, Google launched a new beta version, Responsive Search Ads (RSA). As 2018 progresses, RSA opened its doors to more and more advertisers. What is RSA?

Increase the number of titles and descriptions available to advertisers in your ads. Google uses machine learning to determine which combination of title and definition best works.

In addition, an RSA adjective can be 90 characters instead of 80 characters.

RSA contains more ad text and took up more space in the SERP. In RSA information, CTR has increased and CPC has decreased.


  1. New character limit:

After the RSA beta is released to all users, Google has revised the standard character bar for text ads. The new level of text advertising has now become three 30-letter headlines and two 90-character descriptions.

Therefore, you do not need to use Google search engines or be interested in exploring various scripts to increase the number of characters in your search ads.

Of course, keep in mind that not all three headings and two meanings are always displayed. However, it is highly recommended that you use the new features of search engine results pages.

  1. Google Smart Shopping:

The Google Smart Shopping campaign brings the latest automation and machine learning to shopping. We offer automatic bidding and auto-placement of ads in all Google Display forums to increase conversion rates.

Smart Shopping ads are eligible to appear on Google Display Network, YouTube and Gmail. This new system makes it easier for advertisers to set bids, ad design, and status and digital marketing.

If you have never tried smart shopping in your e-commerce campaign, you should try it.

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