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4 Shoes You Need for Elegent Look

Over the years, we have witnessed the evolution of footwear and there is no doubt in saying that we have come a long way. From wearing pure animal skin to slippers made out of leaves, we have seen how progression took place in terms of how we manage our footwear. However, in today’s era, we can see that the case with footwear is a whole lot different than it used to be.

In today’s era, we have sneakers, boots, Oxford shoes, derby shoes, and many more. We have different designs with significantly different materials and a whole wide world to choose from in terms of buying the perfect footwear for us. We have put together a list of footwear/shoes that an individual needs to build his closet. Stay with us to find out what they are.

1 – Sneakers

These represent athleticism but they can also be casual. They have rubber sole shoes and they are called Sneakers. Some of the sneakers are a bit stronger in material and they can even take an animal’s bite. So, if the next time you decide to visit your neighbour who has a Pitbull, you might want to put on your sneakers just to be safe. Sneakers are also known as tennis shoes, kicks, or running shoes. They were originally made for the purpose of exercising and sports. But they are also a lot popular for the kind of comfort they provide. Their rubber-soled material almost makes them soundless. Thus, the name came from, “Sneaks”. They are the best for sneaking. Thus, what we call them, “Sneakers”. You can get them at discounted rates with SHEIN Code.

2 – Oxford Shoes

These shoes are elegant in terms of look-wise. They are basically called dress shoes. They have a lacing system that is concealed in the upper part of the shoe. These were basically made for men but now they are also made for women. They come with different designs, materials, textures which includes leader too. You can choose your desired style according to your outfit and make the most out of these Oxford Shoes.

3 – Boots

Boots are worn for fashion and style. Not just that, they’re also thick and heavy and can be of great use in areas that are quite dangerous in terms of land creatures. They give protection against dirty water, mud which can cause infectious disease. They also protect against insect bites and sting bites, snake bites. They can also be of great help in extreme temperatures.

4 – Derby Shoes

Derby shoes were invented by Gebhard Leberecht von Blucher. He invented these in the 14 century because he had unusually large feet and wanted to create something that could fit his own feet perfectly. Thus, the Derby shoes were invented. Derby has an open lace and the quarters are stitched on the top, making them a lot more comfortable than the Oxford shoes that we mentioned above. They’re comfortable, reliable and a little lighter as compared to the above-mentioned.

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