10 Things You Shouldn’t Do During Freshers’ Week

Britain is one of the best countries to study in as it has some of the world’s top universities. However, the curriculum is quite difficult, and the study schedule is pretty rigorous as well. This is why students get to enjoy the freshers’ week at the end of every summer.

As a fresher, you’ll meet new people and will have many opportunities to socialise. However, you should avoid a few activites if you want to survive freshers’ week.

1.      Know Your Limits

Even though Freshers’ Week is all about having fun and having a blast, you should stay within your limits. Unfortunately, many students try to enjoy these days by pulling potentially dangerous pranks that can hurt someone physically or emotionally. In addition, many international students who are unaware of the law also get into legal issues during freshers’ week. Therefore, stay safe and refrain from getting into problems and fights.

2.      Don’t Get Involved With the Rugby Gang

Every college has a group of students who love to play rugby. It is indeed a very fun game. However, it’s extremely physical, and if you don’t know how to play it, you’ll get torn apart by other players. Therefore, only join the game if you have some experience playing rugby. Or else, you can end up with broken or torn body parts.

3.      Don’t Get Too Comfortable With Your New Friends

During the freshers ‘ week, you will probably make many friends. However, you shouldn’t do anything to upset your folks and loved ones back home. Also, you should keep in mind the friends you’ll make may not stay with you forever. Some of them might last longer, but they can never replace your family and older friends.

4.      Manage Your Finances Properly

Many parties are organised in the freshers’ week, and hundreds of students attend such events. However, try not to spend too much on drinks and snacks. You have to spend an entire year, and if you are a student who relies on monthly allowances, you should manage your finances properly.

Here’s another tip! Don’t go grocery shopping while you’re hungry. You might end up stress-buying a lot of food. After all, too much expenditure doesn’t relieve stress, as per a study. So, you might just end up with unwanted weight in addition to losing money.

5.      Don’t Join Too Many Societies

Seniors will try to lure you into joining their society. It’s always healthy to opt for such co-curricular activities. However, you should not join every society in your college. You won’t have much time for such activities once the freshers’ week ends. It will be really difficult for you to commit and concentrate on your studies. Also, join societies that can improve your resume and help you land better job opportunities in the future.

6.      Avoid Drinking Too Much

As there are many parties going on, there will also be a lot of drinking. You can drink if you want, but don’t consume a lot of alcohol. You don’t want to do anything wrong or illegal while being intoxicated. Also, drinking on the last day of freshers’ week is a serious no-no. You don’t want to miss classes due to an after-party hangover.

7.      Don’t Miss Introductory Lectures

As mentioned previously, your main aim should be to prepare for your semester, as studies will be quite difficult. You have to be serious and productive to manage your coursework properly. Introductory lectures are extremely important, as you get to know about your professors and the basics of the courses you’re studying.

8.      You Don’t Have to Attend Every Event

Many parties and events are happening during freshers’ week. However, it’s not important to attend every event. You wouldn’t want to spend your hard-earned or saved pounds in a single week and survive the rest of the semester on ramen. So don’t get carried away!

9.      Don’t Hide In Your Room

If you are a person who does not like parties with alcoholic drinks in them, you can go to other events as well. But, whatever you do, don’t stay in your dorm during the entire week. There are many other sober events where you can meet new people and socialize.

10. Don’t Buy Things You Don’t Need

This is something every student does while preparing for the semester. They have money in their hands and want to buy everything in sight, even if they don’t need it. So, save your money and spend maturely. It isn’t easy to earn while studying in the UK. Therefore, you can only survive on your monthly allowance.


Once the freshers’ week ends, you will have to study hard and complete many assignments. If you want help with your coursework, instead of asking your friends, “Please, write my assignment,” hire a UK assignment help provider. They can assist you in managing your assignments properly throughout the academic year.

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