10 Best Free Monitoring Apps to Safeguard Your Child

There are countless reasons why parents need to monitor their child’s smartphone usage, but it is often challenging when they don’t have the necessary parental control apps installed.

Fortunately, several monitoring apps offer good functions without paying any fees. Here are ten of the best options for all types of devices:

1) TeenSafe :

It is one of the most popular cell phone spy software programs available on the market today. Like other monitoring apps like Mobistealth and Highster Mobile, it allows parents to monitor calls, texts, and activities through GPS tracking on an Android or iPhone device. In addition, its monitors can also track what websites a user visits from their mobile device or computer browser history. So parents can see the content that they view online. TeenSafe also offers round-the-clock support for any issues faced by users during installation and usage.

2. mSpy :

 This app is compatible with Android, iOS, Windows Phone, and Blackberry devices; customers enjoy many features like call interception, instant messaging surveillance, access to photos sent or received by mobile phone numbers linked to the monitoring profile. Parents can locate the exact location of their child via GPS tracking on a map in real-time through an internet connection (with certain exceptions). It’s worth noting that mSpy only works on devices that run on iOS 8 or later versions or Android 4.1 or later versions; these are known as “jailbroken” or “rooted” devices, respectively.

3) Mobile Spy:

One of the most notable features of this monitoring app is that it offers a 7-day free trial where parents can monitor up to three mobile phone numbers using one account. After the trial period, users can opt for a monthly or yearly subscription plan depending on their usage time and device compatibility. Parents should know that installation takes up to 24 hours before accessing activity logs from their Dashboard. Its unique GEO-fencing feature allows users to receive alerts when a monitored phone enters a certain location zone – up to five locations per device profile can be programmed remotely by parents from anywhere in the world via an internet connection.

4. XNY :

 This spy app monitors Android devices and runs on the phone without requiring an installation. It comes with a feature that allows parents to lock their child’s mobile device controls remotely. Such as blocking outgoing calls or disabling Internet access via the monitoring panel, just in case. Notably, it has a range of unique features not found in other apps like mic and camera recording and live call listening. Users can hear everything said by any user talking on the monitored device whether they are using speakerphone or otherwise.

5) Mobile Spy Lite:

 This free app for Android phones is compatible with any version of operating system four and later releases were made available for this OS version. Parents should note that Google Play Store refers to this app as “Mobile Spy” instead of “Mobile Spy Lite” even though it’s the free version of their premium app. Its functions are limited compared to the premium version. But still allow parents to get text messages, call logs, and GPS tracking to keep an eye on their child. Parents can access this information anytime via a secure online control panel with login credentials provided upon purchase.

6. iKeyMonitor : 

This app allows parents to monitor up to three devices for free; this means that they can only track two cellphone numbers or one tablet/iPad when using the iOS version of iKeyMonitor. The keylogging feature in this program captures every password typed by users on any monitored device, so they cannot delete them later. However, preset keywords are allowed in the parental control settings. Parents also have access to deleted text messages, browsing history, and even social network accounts like Facebook, WhatsApp, and Viber using iKeyMonitor.

7. mSpy Lite :

 This free monitoring app is compatible with iOS 7 & 8; parents can access it on their Dashboard after installation finishes. It allows them to monitor one device (phone or tablet) for 30 days before making another purchase. However, this version of mSpy doesn’t support GPS tracking, so users cannot receive a real-time location update from a child’s device. Although the Dashboard has a simple interface, its functionality is limited compared to other paid apps because it only shows call logs and no SMS records.

8. Mobistealth :

 Its premium plan offers many features such as tracking phone calls, browsing history for up to six months, social media access, and even instant access to images sent via WhatsApp. Paid plans start at $69/mo, which is more expensive than other monitoring apps, but it includes 7-day customer support, unlike its competitors.

9. TeenSafe:

 This monitoring app offers a 30-day free trial period where users can monitor up to three devices with the option to extend service after that time for an extra cost per month or year. Depending on their needs. The main feature of this program is that it provides location tracking through GPS so parents can pinpoint an exact address without difficulty. It sends alerts if there are any deviations from preset locations assigned by parents.

10. Highster Mobile:

 Users must, first of all, create an account that includes their username and password; then, they must download the app from the official Website to the phone they want to monitor. Parents can access tracked data on a secure dashboard using login credentials automatically provided upon purchase. Hence, there is no need to go through configurations before accessing information via their online control panel.

Highster Mobile offers many spying features: call logs & SMS tracking, GPS location mapping, social media accounts monitoring (WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter), IM chats (Snapchat, Skype), and more. It allows parents to take screenshots of a user’s activity as often as desired without sending alerts; it also tracks non-smartphones like iPod touch or those running Android 4.4 or below.


Many of these apps have pros and cons. But they can help parents protect their children from underage sexting, cyberbullying, and online predators. All platforms will support by most free monitor software except for a few iOS-specific applications design for iPhone or iPad.

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